Starts very well, runs very smooth at idle.

Help me. I had no problems with all gears 1-2-3-4-5-& R before changing out to the new shifter. I now only have the lower gears 2-4-& Reverse.
How did I go wrong? The old shifter kept popping out and no shifting ability at all.
vin. # 2S3TA01C9M6402262, 5DFK-625---1991 / 10-1990, ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION, 1.6 L ENGINE-4 CYL.-8 VALVE

I parked the car then several hours later came to start the car it was a little difficult to start first then it started the engine light came on, did not not misfire or buck, but it ran a little high idle I drove home then i went to start again it would not start

I need a new brake line & exhaust pipe for my car. The exhaust pipe is completely rusted and has a few holes in it. My brake fluid is also leaking out. How much do you estimate the repairs to be?