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want go in reverse and want roll back in neutral
show me whith image,where i can see the cover head valve cover for ichange -it
locate my pcv valve fram
I have a 2000 suzuki esteem and car had died in the middle of the road and nothing would work, not even the lights, at first i thought it was the battery but it wasnt. I took it to a garage and they said it was the al...
the warning brake lights are off all the time
Engine light is on. It bogs down when accelerating and then takes off and runs. Diagnostic code said, "multiple cylinder misfire." What's wrong with the car? Thanks for your time and blessings ~
My Suzuki Esteem wagon has run into an electrical issue. I replaced the battery and it ended up getting drained. I replaced the alternator but it is not charging. Any other ideas to what part of the electrical system ...
I have problem with my stop light. I check the fuse box and light bulb and it's all OK . What is the problem ? I change the brake light switch.
When I put on the engine the "CHECK ENGIGE" sign appears on the pannel and remains even when the car is moving. What should I do?