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Whenever I put it in drive it remains in one gear and does not change no matter how much I accelerate. If I start in 1 or 2 it behaves the same way. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
after starting, while idling and while driving down the road long ways or not, beeps constantly and is very annoying
cual es el torgue que se le da a los tornillos de la tapa de bloque
Anything I should know? Lost the key need a new one? Hard to replace? Locksmith Suzuki or some other better way?
At times the car won't turn on. I hear the engine turn over but it just won't crank as I turn the key. If I jump the car it then cuts on and drives with no problems. This happens sometimes as often as multiple times i...
I have tried to pullup manually while using key but won't work.. how can i remove door so i can get the panel off
I have a 1998 Suzuki Esteem, 4 door sedan. The passenger/rear outside door handle is broken, which I know how to repair, but haven't gotten the part for yet. My dilemma, is that apparently the manual child safety lock...
How do I Leon if it's the fuel pump
Died while driving. Jumped and ran for a minute. Starter clicked like a dead battery. Put a new battery in and now nothing. Zero electrical. Any Ideas?
Check engine light came on, know that it's the EGR valve (diagnostic code). Suspect the valve gasket cover may need replacing (that's okay)--but on an older car, is it better just to clean the EGR valve or replace? Fi...
Standard transmission Stalling at low rpm after engine has run for half an hour and engine is hot. does not overheat. when i have my foot down on the clutch pedal the rpm's drop. when i release the pedal the rpm's c...
some times I cannot get out of neutral, sometimes is hard to get into any or all gears mostly reverse
Hi suzuki wagon 1.3 2002 starts cuts off after about 3 seconds I have no check light on I've been told could be crank sensor also been told cam sensor now been told imobilizer no codes cum up or check start no flashin...
Car has 172,000 miles and cant afford to buy new car.What kind of fluid is this and can I just add fluid every so often.
Only leaking a little on the front left and looking a little moist on the front right. Can I just do a half axle replacement? Also when is it an emergency to have this done?
were can I get a fair price shop in murrieta,ca
I have been trying to diagnose this cars issues for some time and I have had it. Car started having trouble starting and would die when coming to stops. I have dropped the gas tank cleaned it out, put a new fuel pump,...
our engine is burning oil not so much when overdrive