It only has one big bolt in the middle. 2.0 engine.

That the problem thank you

So replaced my battery and alternator last month, my car started not starting, wouldn't click or try and turn over and couldn't be jumped. Mechanic couldn't find anything wrong as it started just fine for him. Drove it today and as its been happening for about a month now. My car would not start. Called the mechanic. He suggested I move the gear shift, I did. It started right up. However now every time I try to start my car I have to move the gear shift.

Or buy another car where as I really can't AFFORD to get in debt.

Code keeps returning. Have not replaced either filters yet. Just diagnosing code.

Best way to remove ECM

I have already changed the fuel regulator, idles fine but when you give it gas it rpms go down and there's no power like its not getting gas

I have recently replaced the motor mounts, fuel sensor, thermostat, stabilizer, bought new radiator and got a new battery. i had a full service tune up, alignment and diagnostic read. Got a oil change and transmission service and flush. After new brakes and rotors now i am at a cross of where else to look for the issue. My check engine light came on shortly after leaving the mechanics and he has been unavailable. he had mentioned a code coming up but he said he didnt recognize it. Any ideas would be great i bought it for 1,800.00 and have sunk 1,400.00 in repairs. i need to know what i may be looking at in terms of further repairs or just sell it.

My radiator fans only work when the ac is turned on. Its causing my car to over heat. what could be the problem?

My car has a small oil leak but we made sure to keep it full on oil but now my timing chain makes a really bad rattle. Car still runs but the rattle is really loud. Found out that the tension on it is slacked a bit. Is there a way to adjust the timing chain by yourself and how?

When on the way there is a need to stop and start car 4 ~ 5 times it starts MISSING (Current or Fuel Supply interrupts.
Have Changed: Distributor Cap, Rotor Arm, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Point Ignition Coil, Fuel Pump etc. No improvement. Please mention possible problem.