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Car had no spark, replace the crank angle sensor also known as the camshaft synchronizer. Replace the sensor the car started right up also replaced the battery. Car was finish in the morning and thru out day , car sta...
Power steering not working. Then when everything is turned off returns to normal.
I have recently replaced the motor mounts, fuel sensor, thermostat, stabilizer, bought new radiator and got a new battery. i had a full service tune up, alignment and diagnostic read. Got a oil change and transmission...
The problem started tow days ago won't turn off if I press the AC ON/OFF button while I'm driving it turn engine off I hear the AC compressor stop running
heat is only working on the left side of the dash
My radiator fans only work when the ac is turned on. Its causing my car to over heat. what could be the problem?
My 2002 Aerio Suzuki starts up runs or idles rough but continues to cut off.
I know the issue with my radiator cooling fan is the relay, but I dont know which relay slot #number I am supposed to replace.
My car has a small oil leak but we made sure to keep it full on oil but now my timing chain makes a really bad rattle. Car still runs but the rattle is really loud. Found out that the tension on it is slacked a bit. I...
Drove it to work just fine other than the RPM needle kept moving up and down and sometimes stayed on zero with no noticeable change in performance. When I got off work, the car wouldn't start at all, however will cran...
I need to pull the bumper cover off my 2004 Aerio SX, but want to make sure it's as easy as I think it should be. Any tips on proper procedure for this minor project?
fan coil on compressor relay good blower good no fluse good no ground and currant can you help me
Cooling fan relay defective. Order new one. Problems is all the relays look alike. Cover only marked with relay 1,2,3 etc. Anybody know which relay is the right one? And no I don't have the owner's manually.
The Red light keeps blinking in my car
2006 SUZUKI AERIO FWD automatic transmission. NO warning lights
When on the way there is a need to stop and start car 4 ~ 5 times it starts MISSING (Current or Fuel Supply interrupts. Have Changed: Distributor Cap, Rotor Arm, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Point Ignition Coil, Fu...
The fender panels are vibrating and make a very annoying sound.