Cadillac SRX Problem Report

Cadillac SRX Sunroof May Not Work

(42 reports)

It is not uncommon for the sunroof to work incorrectly or not at all.

My sunroof will not close all the way. It slides back fine but when i attempt to close it the sunroof will stop about 3/4 of the way. -
sun roof jumps and stops and a clicking noise from gears -
The torx bolt became loose and lodged in the UltraView sunroof track. Further attempts to use the sunroof caused the motor gears to become stripped. Replacing the sunroof motor solved the problem. -
Moon roof won't close all the way - no fix yet. My wife likes Cadillacs, but personally I believe they are poor quality puffed up Chevy's. -
the roof opens fine but makes a horrible " clacking" sound and does not want to close all the way. I have to keep hitting the close button to get it shut. -
sunroof doesn't work make gear noice -
sunroof makes noise going back and forth -
The sun roof tries to open but cant. I took and cleaned it and put new lubricant on it started working fine -
opens fine. Wont close. Strains then quits. Lots of grease on track. Hoping a fix will not cost too much. I live in Washington State, LOTS OF RAIN. -
does not work -
$6500 to replace tweeked sunroof because screws stripped and warped it. Crappy car -
Sunroof works only when it "wants;" no particular rhyme nor reason. -
we replaced the left front turn signal 3 times in 2014 and put new socket in it yesterday so see how long this works -
stopped working completely...stripped gear? loud clicking noise took it to diamond cheverolet they said they don't fix 4550.00 for new one.hahahah -
push the button to open sunroof and it rose up but stopped. Am going to see if it has jumped off track.... no problem with shade roof however.. -
roof failed to open took to dealer had repaired cost $4500.00 and roof still dosnt work right opens when it wants to some days it works and some days it dose not work even after repaired apparent defect in electric working components of roof -
Water leaking from sunroof -
would not close, clicking noise -
The sunroof headliner jammed and rolled back and will not close. -
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