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is there a main fuse or breaker that could have blown?

I have a 2004 Subaru Outback LL Bean H6 3.0 & the AC is not blowing out cold air. When AC is turned on there is a slight hum under the hood, but no cold air. There is oil residue on the line connection stretching from the front of the engine to the back. What do I do - I have someone that may be able to work on the vehicle for me, but otherwise would greatly appreciate the verbiage for this fix so I can communicate it to the mechanic. Thank u.

It blows it out of the cylinder repeatedly. The plug was not cross-threaded so I really don't know wat to do.

I may buy a used system 03 with 68K mls on it to put the parts Cat. converters into my 04 outback

This happened in the morning and the evening and now the light is on steady.

Have a chance to purchase a used, replacement radio/cd player for our Outback, but unsure how to safely remove hardware around existing radio + the radio/cd-player, & then install the replacement. Appreciate any gudiance, so I can tackle this myself - will cost ~$170 in labor alone @ my service dept, tho they are willing to install a unit I bring to them!

Car has 127,000 miles, runs great and I plan on keeping it

The input shaft has very slight play in it but theout put shaft will move 1/8 inch in any direction It's starting to make a gear noise in 1-4 gears.

customer has no dome lights,gas,mileage or time. The cruise light keeps flashing, the radio light off....the clock stuck at 1:00....engine light on constant...we check all fuses and relays...not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?

My son was driving our 2004 Outback tdoay ant the drivers door caught on fire. Apparently an electrical fire that spread to dash windshield area. Fire dept put out the fire. Why did it happen, what should we do, who should pay, who should repair? Car had been great until this odd inexplicable event.

I have a 2004 Subaru Outback LL Bean H6 3.0. The AC works great idling in the parking lot, but after driving for about 10 minutes it starts blowing warm air. If it sits overnight it works again until I drive it. Any ideas?

A garage said they detected some fluid, it wasn't necessary to replace them now but sooner than later would be better

I only have 34000 miles on my 04 Subaru and the headlight bulbs burn our to often, had to replace six bulbs so far. What is causing this to happen? Thanks Arch.

I noticed under the common problems section that there was no mention of front axle breakage. I have just 60,000 miles on mine and both front axles have broken,approx within 3mos of each other,about 58,000 miles, When I called the dealer they had 4 of them in stock which I thought would be unsualunless they had been having probles with them. My question would be, have you heard anything or is there talk of a recall. Both y mechanic and I could find no logical reason for them breaking
Thank You, You have a gr8 web site here