Like 2 weeks ago still holds air and not much wire showing

3 most likely would be great help. Estimate-include mechanic hours probable.

This happened as I pulled onto a busy street from a parking lot. The car lost acceleration, stalled and stranded me in a turn lane. I fired it up...started but no response from gas pedal. Turned car off for about 2 minutes, recovered accelerator response and moved car back into parking lot. Let car sit for a moment, started again but check engine light on and cruise light flashing. Saw a post from someone else on this forum about resetting cruise control circuit. Tried it and it worked after a couple tries. Both check engine light and cruise are off now. Safe to drive or do I have a more serious problem? Car seems to be running ok now. Suggestions?

bought a impreza with high temp gauge. owner said needs thermastat. drove car home temp settled down below mid level. have put multiple miles on car no change or problem, except overflow keeps losing fluid. mechanic said ( VALVE COVER GASKET). no overheating,no white film on dip stick or oil fill cap. radiator stays you think valve cover gasket? oxford NY 13830. Has turbo.

I think it clicks one time but won't trun over or start.... but the lights work.

Pulled code P0453 and told the evap pressure control soleoid has a leak. Talked to dealership and they did not know about this part. Would like second option before fixing the wrong thing.

Im looking inoto buying a 1998 subaru legacy brighton. the guy says an alignment cant be done and theres a small leajk in the transmission. i want to know the cost of getting it fixed and if its worth buying.

problem started 1 mo ago I hear water surging through system on firewall while inside the car every time started & driven.

car overheating and no heat has new water pump and thermostat. Turn car off for a bit restart have heat and temp. ok

light just came on

I have reset time it shows to be set right on but won't crank

Nothing on the floor, fill cap dry and on tight. Haven't run over anything.

ABS, Brake and traction control lights are illuminated and function impaired until weather dries out and warms up?

My alternator belt needs replaced. I am thinking that it's not called an alternator belt because that repair doesn't exist on your estimate program. The belt is cracked, very cracked. In fact, it looks as if it may break any day now. I would like an estimate to replace it, but I can't get that if I don't know what Subaru and/or the mechanics who repair such things call the thing.

is there a main fuse or breaker that could have blown?

would the approximate speed be of the vehicle that hit me (an older Volvo sedan} that would make my water tumbler fly out of the cup holder?

When I drive more than 60 miles I get a hammer sound when I steer left or right at low speed. I hav changed all half shafts because that is what the dealer said but I still get the sound and only happens after driving long distances

On snowpack, rainy surfaces, car is great. Icy roads, it's super scary. It floats back and forth, requiring constant steering input to keep it straight in the lane. Can't go over 30mph.

Only floats on icy roads. Needs constant steering input to maintain straight line. All other surfaces, no problems. My Toyota Camry is WAY more stable on ice than the Legacy.

Only floats on icy roads. Needs constant steering input to maintain straight line. All other surfaces, no problems. My Toyota Camry is WAY more stable on ice than the Legacy.

.Motor still draws power, dims lights when hit the switch.

I just bought a 2012 Forester. Nowhere in the manual does it explain how to turn the passenger side air bag on.
Does this mean the car is not equipped with a passenger-side air bag?

Electric Windows

I was told this was a simple thing to do through the Home and Settings buttons but it doesn't work. One time for some reason, the album cover displayed but only one time.

my mechanic tells me that I might need a new transmission. What would it cost? The gear shift periodically will allow the car to go backwards but will not engage in any of the forward gears until it has warmed up for 5-15 minutes.

Front differential has overheated and gone bad, the dipstick skock out and almost all the gear oil was lost. This is wifes car. It took nearly 1.5 quarts to fill, but the damage is already done. Whines and as soon as you leave off the gas car slows like the brakes are being applied. Other than that car has ran great for last 8 years. I would do the work myself however I have been rebuilt too. My cervical neck had to have total reconstruction so working on car days are over except for easy jobs like oil changes, brake jobs,tranny flush, tune ups. Thanks for any help. Joe
This just happened 2 days ago 1/11/2017. Going to drain gear box /differential and see how much metal shavings are attach to magnetic 21 mm plug today.

It is louder on startup until engine revs down, then is somewhat lower in pitch. It can be heard while driving, does not change with ac on / off, or heat. I do not see anything when I look at belts and have had both replaced about 2 months ago.

I was told the engine has to be replaced, it looks like it spun a rod bearing

Friends car.put alternator in,output at high idle 14.27 lowering to 14.21 at idle.Is this normal?Is water pump on this engine as much work as others?

Turns over and wants to start.(but wont).problem started a little mote than week would start and rough would stall when pressing the acceletator.finally,wouldnt start at all.