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Lights acts like its gonna turn of all the time
pretty much when I'm driving I hear a dingling sound coming from what seems to be between engine and tranny. It started bout a week ago. Is this a transmission problem? If so what do I need to have fixed or replaced?...
While stopped, the people I speak to tell me the phone sounds fine. On the freeway at 65 mph they tell me it cuts out or it's fuzzy or they only hear some of my words. I don't remember having so many comments on thi...
When you start the car both sides of the front fenders get hot but the no overheating on the dashboard controls.
My car broke down down on me and would not turn on after it shut down instantly. I checked out my battery alternator and starter also timing belt. I still don't know what is wrong with my car.
A few days ago my rear passinger side brakes started making a very loud noise-sort of a grinding. The noise would continue for quite awhile after the brake was off & I was driving. Ive been advised by a friend who te...
Turns over and only starts sometimes
I started to use scotchbrite to clean the mating surface on the cylinder ( the machine shop recommended it). I am using blue and it seems to do nothing!!! Hours and hours and still the same stains. I want to swi...
Our 2012 forester is using about one quart per 1000 miles.
By getting the temp stat a little up happens whenever the engines cooled
are the wiring harnesses interchangeable from a 2.5 to a 2.2 1999 Subaru legacy l.
Rebuilt engine? 3 yr warranty? What should I expect the cost to be? For its age 10 yrs pretty low miles@ 130,000
I bought this car in January of this year and the lights worked well for about 7 weeks. Then one night I got in to go to work and they didn't come on. This is an issue because I work graveyard shifts and need to see i...
The check engine keep coming ON each time the windshield wiper deicer button is push ON? What can I do with this kind of problem?