I think it clicks one time but won't trun over or start.... but the lights work.

Nothing on the floor, fill cap dry and on tight. Haven't run over anything.

ABS, Brake and traction control lights are illuminated and function impaired until weather dries out and warms up?

is there a main fuse or breaker that could have blown?

I was told the engine has to be replaced, it looks like it spun a rod bearing

I took as much as possible out with a syringe and added more oil. will the car be OK?

While driving,everything fine then suddenly and without prior problems, lost power. Pulled over checked under the hood. No smoking, no leaking of anything and serpentine belt was fine. Replaced radiator two months ago. Had one head gasket seal replaced year and a half ago. It could be a number of things since we haven"t done a whole lot of major maintenance on the vehicle.Original tranny fluid too. It has regular oil changes and is in great condition considering her age.

It came on same time the car overheated. Car towed an new radiator install. Light was off when I picked up car, 10 miles and lights came back on. Not sure why happend at the same time bu a separate problem fixed now? Heard it may be a sensor or catalytic converter.

A couple years ago my button to release the gas cap opening stopped working and I have had to use my car keys to open this. There have been times when it does pop open but this is very rare. Why would this be happening?

My tire light comes on now and again. The first time this happened it was obvious that one of my tires was low on air. But lately this tire late has been coming on and all 4 tires have the perfect amount of air pressure in them. Why is this?

Sometimes when I make a sharp turn my car makes this loud clunking sound. This also can happens at times when I brake. It doesn't happen all the time. Doesn't seem to make a difference what the weather is either.

The electrical seat adjuster was jammed for the first time this morning on the right side on the passenger side.

Hello fellow vehicle friends i have a subaru outback wagon manual im putting the tranny back in. But i can't remember if the shift linkage had a spring or a bolt or what just curious if anyone had some answers?

My car clicks like it is full and it only has $1.75 and it clicks at least 10 more times until it is full.

My Outback overheats after driving for a few minutes. I have changed the thermostat and radiator cap and it still does it. It can idle for an hour, and not overheat, but drive it for 5 or 6 miles and it jumps to hot!

Where or how do i track down electrical, or wire issues. Mechanically it works, just no signal ? Where do i start? Is there a main electrical unit?

And on my dash, the check engine, brake light, cruise control, and anti swerve light all on. Caliper been inspected and is functions

When backing out of garage, the gears grind. Service manager states that exact sequence when pulling in and parking must be followed: 1- foot brake, 2-put in park, 3, engage parking brake, 4- turn off engine. This works, but it seems ridiculous. This car also has a hesitation in changing from reverse to drive. Do I have a lemon?

bought mine with 220k and at 225k the oil was leaking from oil filter seal, and my driver side head gasket. 2.5-3k to replace.

Shifter knob button (the one you depress to change from park, neutral, drive, etc.) is stuck in the depressed position. This allows the car to be moved from park to drive without depressing the brake. Also, since it wont lock in park, I can't get the key out of the ignition!

Any thoughts?

panel lights (brake .light & battery light). stay on. all other functions work, then the next day everything is normal.

work everyday on I-95 I was informed that I need new tires on the front of my car. I don't understanding how I could need front tires. I also don't follow how the tire are worn in the same place with no pull in the starring or any indication that the tires were worn. My question is how is this possible? I never hit a large pot hold and if I did why is the wear not worst on the side that I hit a pot hold on? I have no tread on both tires exactly in the same location and thickness. I also don't understand with wear of the tire why the last service check which was around 35,000 -7500, The tires were checked and had no problem. Q could this be a differential problem???

I have taken my 09 Subaru Outback to two mechanics and have heard from both of them that I need a new engine due to a bad bearing that causes a knock around 4k RPM. They could not tell me why it happened, only that the current state requires a new engine. What is the labor to replace the engine, and what is the parts cost? Is it cheaper for me to buy the engine and then give it to the shop? Thanks

I live at the end of 2 miles of very rough gravel road. My Outback is making a lot of noise underneath. Since lubricating zerk fittings are a thing of the past, what do I do?