I was told the engine has to be replaced, it looks like it spun a rod bearing

My Outback overheats after driving for a few minutes. I have changed the thermostat and radiator cap and it still does it. It can idle for an hour, and not overheat, but drive it for 5 or 6 miles and it jumps to hot!

Air filter
Oil and filter
Sea Foam in 2 tanks of fuel
Fuel filter

What is wrong with the car and is it reparable and how much will it cost?

When I start the car it takes a while to go into gear - as if it needs to build up pressure first. It drives fine going down the road as long as you don't stop and turn sharp right???

Have replaced ECT sensor,can take cap off of radiator with just initial fluid loss from it bein warm after running ad water and still shows pressure when off it is cool to finger inside radiator. No blowing fluid out, it produces a bubble every so often , but system was back flushed, and blown out doesn't leak till over flow is full it takes 1mile or so before temp is all the way up on gage. I am a mechanic but this has exhausted my knowledge. I am very puzzled I'm disabled and in need of this vehicle badly for dr.appt etc scheduled for surgery on the 19 of December and mite loose leg above knee. Really pressed to fix problem before this date. Need someone's help badly

At hwy speeds, I get a noticeable vibration when power is applied. It Goes away when steady or decelerating. Wheels just balanced and alignment feels good. This not the same as other posts about shutter on takeoff.

Car ran GREAT into town (10 miles) then back. Shut it off. Son drove it to work, it stalled within 3 miles of home. Car won't RUN unless one of the sensors are unplugged from throttle body, then only runs a rough idle. Could this be a bad MAF sensor, IAC sensor, MAP??? don't know what to do about this.

If I unplug one of the 2 sensors on top of my throttle body, the car will start but only runs at a rough idle until gas peddle is pressed then dies. With car running at rough idle (as above) if I plug in "that" sensor, car will die. No engine codes reported. What are the two sensors on throttle body that are not the TPS?