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When I start the car it takes a while to go into gear - as if it needs to build up pressure first. It drives fine going down the road as long as you don't stop and turn sharp right???
Have replaced ECT sensor,can take cap off of radiator with just initial fluid loss from it bein warm after running ad water and still shows hot.no pressure when off it is cool to finger inside radiator. No blowing flu...
At hwy speeds, I get a noticeable vibration when power is applied. It Goes away when steady or decelerating. Wheels just balanced and alignment feels good. This not the same as other posts about shutter on takeoff.
Car ran GREAT into town (10 miles) then back. Shut it off. Son drove it to work, it stalled within 3 miles of home. Car won't RUN unless one of the sensors are unplugged from throttle body, then only runs a rough i...
If I unplug one of the 2 sensors on top of my throttle body, the car will start but only runs at a rough idle until gas peddle is pressed then dies. With car running at rough idle (as above) if I plug in "that" senso...
then it kicks in. The shifter pysically moves but not the car.help
The problem occurs all the time between 32 and 40 mph. Particularly noticeable on freshly paved roads. Just replaced right front axle, fixed heat shield on exhaust and replaced disc pads on front brakes and resurfac...
Have the boot in place, just can't seem to get it on the rim on the inner (engine) end. Can I push with a screwdriver?(Don't want to cut it). I need help. Thanks
Can I just replace the boot or does steering linkage have to be replaced too?
can it be fixed or just trash the car- its paid for!!! need all gaskets replaced?
car sputtered then died yesterday. It cranks but does not turn over, being told I need a new fuel pump & it is in the fuel tank.