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CEL came on after abrupt pot hole bump at 5 mph. Several attempts to clear fail with light return at reconnect startup.
Heater only blows cold air. I'm a novice but would like to diagnose and fix problem myself. Thanks.
Car running great. What could cause the above? It has happened only once just overnight at its usual parking place.
My cigarette lighter is not working. I brought it to my local shop and they said its not the fuse. They suggested it could be a short. What else could cause this to happen? How much is the avg cost of short? I on...
An outer Front CV Boot is leaking grease after 7300 miles and less than 2 years. An aftermarket complete axle assembly was installed on both front sides. Would OEM part likely fit and be more reliable as opposed to ...
If one Front Half Axle shaft replaced, does the other Front one have to be replaced at sametime even though its OK?
Both Front Axle/Half shafts were replaced in March 2009 (new ones)and its been less than 2 years and 1 CV boot leaking grease.