Pulled code P0453 and told the evap pressure control soleoid has a leak. Talked to dealership and they did not know about this part. Would like second option before fixing the wrong thing.

light just came on

I have reset time it shows to be set right on but won't crank

It is louder on startup until engine revs down, then is somewhat lower in pitch. It can be heard while driving, does not change with ac on / off, or heat. I do not see anything when I look at belts and have had both replaced about 2 months ago.

1.5 boxer motor, 1995 Subaru Impreza. Yesterday was the first time this happened, tried to jumpstart her and got nothing, had to be towed home, 24 hours on and still no electrics or power at all!! Any ideas? :(

seems like a loose connection somewhere but cant find anything loose. An altinator or mabe a fuse going out.

I change all 4 shocks and rear wheel brake but it makes a scary sounds when I press the brake

I don't drive often and I worry that my tires will get flat spots or go bad because of this.

I've had 2 break in less than 2 years. I don't drive much so this seems excessive for the mileage I'm putting on the belt.

When this happens the brake lights don't work.

I am a new owner for the car

I've disconnected the battery so I'd doesn't kill that

Checked all fuel lines and fuel pump and all checked out ok

I checked all the fuel lines and fuel pump and they all checked out ok Someone told me it was a miss and that i might have a vaccume line bad HELP PLEASE

i have no codes detected/and no check engine light/ but when i press read codes i get one/is this a pending code

i look with a mirral inside the hole what sure i do

i look with a mirral inside the hole what sure i do

Just bought this car and the speedometer cable says I'm going 110 when I'm going 40. It bounces all over the place.

I have a '94 Impreza Sportswagon which I purchased off a good friend. The car has done 350,000+ km but has a reconditioned engine 60,000 ago. I recently took the car on a long trip and the radiator cooked, so have replaced that as well as spark plugs as it was turning off when in low revs and generally driving strangely. The final issue is that it seems to seize or misfire when driving, particularly around 2-3RPM, or when about 90kmph in 5th gear or 50kmph in 3rd. I will be accelerating consistently and then suddenly feel as if I braked, like the car is misfiring or seizing up. Happens momentarily and then accelerates as intended. Have taken it to the shop several times and they don't know... Any ideas?

Lights acts like its gonna turn of all the time