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Why would two cable blow with only 80,000 miles? Can I yrust Subaru to rebuild the engine? Should I junk it?
the belt broke at highway speed. I heard no sounds of metal crashing. Is there a chance that replacing the timing belt will enable the engine to run? If the valves are only slightly bent, will the engine run? How ...
The dimming was gradual over a month or so but has now blanked out completely. Changed direction as usual until it disappeared.
Is the replacement costly (spprox), and what are ramifications if left alone?
what else needs to be done besides the spark plugs
what else needs to be done besides the spark plugs
car started to squeal and the battery light and brake light came on the alternator belt was broken had no power steering but car still drove
I have to turn it off to make it stop the rpms going past 4000
it acts like it is out of time the marks were straight when installed should they move after turning motor over
do i need to replace the catylatic converter before i register the car I just bought it from a private party used and the light went on the next day after i got it. The other flashing light is the cruise control witch...
Makes a tinny vibrating noise on cold start only. Otherwise runs perfect. Mechanic says he "hears" an internal engine noise, thinks it needs a 'short rod assembly'. 2 days work and $4000.00. HELP! What is this? They o...
.Car has 65000 miles on it. Recently I had the misfire problem and it has returned.