Electric Windows

my mechanic tells me that I might need a new transmission. What would it cost? The gear shift periodically will allow the car to go backwards but will not engage in any of the forward gears until it has warmed up for 5-15 minutes.

I thi8nk I have tom cut off and replace axle etc. Your thoughts?

When I turn the heat up full in my car, the thermostat goes to hot, but when I turn the heat down lower the thermostat goes back to normal temp, whats causing that?

a little background; cruise acted up a couple months ago, cured on its own. Check engine light came on a couple weeks ago. Replaced the cat to clear that up. Was told the cruise stops working when the check engine light comes on and functions when that issue is cleared up. Well, it has not started working yet, and it has been quite long enough to reset if that were the cause. Common causes? Stalk switch on the column? Fuse is OK btw. Any insight?

Cruise has stopped working! Check engine light is also on, but I have a new Cat that should take care of that when I put it on.
The two are not related are they?

The Rpm surges but the car doesn't go or will only go slowly 20-30 mph.

Would like to install an 07 outback rear end into my 01 forester. rear wheel bearings too expensive. Just did right side. Can I do this?
My 07 was easy. Bolt in, not press in.

Cost to replace fuel pump seal?

Also having squeaking AC belt.. 103000 mi..should all belts be replaced?

lubed & recycled door locks - no help - problem is intermittent

I got my oil changed and they said my bootcap is torn. Is that an expensive fix?

Not sure where to plug in the code reader.

I know there isn't a hole in the tire but it feels like that side of my car is going over a bump all the time.

drivers side power window only works sometimes, could it be a fuse and if so where is it located

My driver's side window quit rolling up and down but the other windows work

While driving yesterday - and on an extremely hot day SUDDENLY my ABS light went on and so did the brake light and the battery light- when I got to under 30 mph the ABS and the brake light went off but the battery light stayed on- your thoughts please?

I usually get occasional check engine lights for po442SMALL LEAK and po443SMALL LEAK(pending) No leaks in exhaust-clear codes-no problem. NOW, I'm getting code PO453-Evap.Emiss.ControlSystemPressureSensorHigh. Clear code- light pops back on after 10 miles. Can't get ahold of my mechanic, any clues?

Radiator blew up and has a hole in it

how many sensors and much to replace o2 sensor

I've replaced the cat. conv. twice in the past year. Now, the car is not running, codes throwing for cat. conv, o2 sens, knock sens, lean running... By the time I figure out whats ruining the cat. converts I'll have spent WAY more than the value of that car. I'm a single mom, college student and drive ALOT! Time to trade in?

I turn the key and get a moment of cranking then just an unwinding sound. I was driving in town when the car quit running. Now it won't start.

Whispy harmonic sound right by the radiator?

A harmonic airy hissing .

This sounds worse when idelling and more airy when at high speeds?

I held it closed and locked it with the key. Now it will not open. This is the first time it has happened since I bought it in 2002.