Cadillac SRX Problem Report

Cadillac SRX Service Stability Message Due to Failed Steering Wheel Position Sensor

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The steering wheel position sensor may fail, resulting in the service stability message being displayed.

For the last few weeks my car has been displaying the "Service Stability System" warning. When the warning appears on the console, the brake seems to be vibrating quite a bit and the front lights seem to dim. It is happening more frequently. I have an upcoming trip to Wisconsin next week and I am worried about driving in the snow, but I have an appointment to diagnose on Saturday. -
Has not been fixed. Where is the steering wheel sensor located? How do I get to the spark plugs on this vehicle? -
Stability System intermittently triggers while driving -
Stabilitrak and ABS lights on; vehicle hesitate when pressing gas pedal then gradually speed up. -
The stability system light constantly comes on and the car will swerve slightly. Also when braking, sometimes the light will interfer with a smooth breaking. -
Message says Service Stability. I need to press ok to clear message. Message appears every so often every other day. Mechanic is asking $100 for steering angle (position?) sensor, and 2 hours of labor at $100 each, therefore $300 to change it. -
It happens ALL THE TIME -
Get service stability message. -
Traction control light turns on. Car will begin to miss and idle rough. Sometimes will stall when at stoplight or driving at low RPM. Can pull over, turn off car, remove key, open door and than can close door, insert key and start. That will normally "reset" the condition and car drives normal, no misses, no lights, UNTIL it again returns....sometimes minutes and sometimes hours or even days. I assume from much reading online, that likely the steering sensor or a wheel sensor has gone bad (?). I will have dealer check asap. Still...not a safe condition and is one GM should clearly address. Very dangerous if a stall has occurred and driver unaware, as an engine shut down leaves brakes and steering with no assistance and when not expected, very dangerous. -
Service Stabilization System comes on several times a day when I'm driving. If there is a problem that could be dangerous, I'd like to know. I have already had the switch to lock up so the car had to be towed in; then I took it in on recall for the tumblers issue with the switch so what's the deal here? I love my car and as of right now I would'nt think of trading it off. But you know every car manufacturer no matter who they are, should be responsible for defective equipment they sell for people who are injured or in defective vehicles were at one point a prospective customer. -
my car display stability system engage then feel like brake engage too I think is steering sensor fail but do not take to any repair shop -
Stability Service system engaged , random ABS pumping loss of control -
"Stability Service Engaged" appears on the display screen. It feels like a gust of wind is blowing the rear of the car when it happens. It happens at speeds over 60 mph and sometimes even when I'm driving around town doing 45 mph or less. It happened yesterday as I was hitting the brakes and there was a grinding noise. Took the car into the dealership and they couldn't determine what was causing it and ultimately decided we should "start with new tires". New tires yesterday, the message is still displaying today. -
On very cold days message "Service Stability System" displays. Had it checked ($330.00) said it was a sensor, probably the steering wheel sensor.....cost in Canada $600 and install $200. Think I will just wait for warmer weather. -
Service Stability System light comes on brakes lock and pulls hard to the right.No problems at all when I disengage the traction control. -
brake and steering vibration when driving in normal condtions on normal roads -
The dealership replaced my sensor, but the problem still exists. The always said they could not duplicate the problem. -
Had to replace Steering Wheel Position Sensor. Labor 327.67 Sensor 117.65 -
replaced for $264!!!! -
We have the same issues with our 2004 SRX. When driving the car will brake suddenly swerve slightly then it's back to driving a short distance and again it happens over and over again. -
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