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but the A/C fuse 7.5 Amp it doesn't have power

Have added coolant with no effect.

My 2006 Scion xA has 50000 miles and for the last 4 years has had a subtle little vibrating noise that happens only when I accelerate. I can hear it when I first begin driving but after awhile it seems to stop. If I take my foot off the gas pedal it stops right away. Been to 3 different mechanics who can't hear this and don't have any ideas (including Toyota dealer). It drives me crazy!

my xa,very hard to start when i park it under the sun.why?but when its cold,thers no problem at all.

my xa,very hard to start when i park it under the sun.why??

But when its cold,it has no starting problem at all..

The car doesnt start normally. It has to be pushed (its a manual transmission model). I first supected a dead Battery and replaced it with a new one, but it's not starting normally.

The window goes down but locks in the down position and the motor stays on. Also, the drivers window control works on everything except the back rear right window any suggestions?

Squealing noise upon starting engine. Occurs more frequently over 4 months span of time. Fan belt nerfs replacement?

My ac works fine as long as it is sitting but when I drive it down the hwy it blows hot air? I have changed the condenser, dryer and the cabin filter. I also changed the freon. Even the Toyota Tech dont know. Please help

my car sounds like a big truck on the inside!

My Scion blows hot air when the temp reaches 80-90+ degrees outside. It will blow cool air if the temp goes back to below -80 degrees. What could be possibly wrong?

CEL on, Code # PO441, Tried gas cap, NG!