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my xa,very hard to start when i park it under the sun.why?but when its cold,thers no problem at all.
my xa,very hard to start when i park it under the sun.why??
But when its cold,it has no starting problem at all..
The car doesnt start normally. It has to be pushed (its a manual transmission model). I first supected a dead Battery and replaced it with a new one, but it's not starting normally.
The window goes down but locks in the down position and the motor stays on. Also, the drivers window control works on everything except the back rear right window any suggestions?
Recently bought a 2004 Scion Xa. There is no notification or warning when headlights are inadvertently left on - no buzzer, no bell, no nothing. Is this a design oversight or is there a part that needs to be replaced?
service engine light just came on today after having my oil changed at walmart a month ago
Squealing noise upon starting engine. Occurs more frequently over 4 months span of time. Fan belt nerfs replacement?
I am using it since last 3 years and it was running perfect for first two years but now from last year since i change Petrol Filter(Fuel Filter) now it is disturbing a lot. Whenever switching on the ignition after tha...
My ac works fine as long as it is sitting but when I drive it down the hwy it blows hot air? I have changed the condenser, dryer and the cabin filter. I also changed the freon. Even the Toyota Tech dont know. Please help
My 2005 Scion xA now runs rough after oil change. No engine light or codes have come up. I changed the spark plugs, the air filter, the pcv valve and it still runs/idles rough. Cleaned the MAF too. It's worse on s...
The exhaust plumbing looks fine. Suspect exhaust manifold-exhaust pipe connection (spring-loaded flange)
My Scion blows hot air when the temp reaches 80-90+ degrees outside. It will blow cool air if the temp goes back to below -80 degrees. What could be possibly wrong?
I drove 275 miles on a full tank on my last tank. This time I filled up and reset my mile gauge to track it again because I thought I was crazy. The car usually gets 350 miles+ a tank. I have burned through a third of...
A/C stopped cooling, had gas put in system in Oct. Cooled until this week. Repairman claims evaporator needs to be replaced.
The squeeling noise sounds like a belt onthe air conditioner, only happens for a few seconds and even will do it at a stop
It takes me so long to fill my gas tank it keeps stopping like there is something in the tube, plus there is alot of pressure released when taking the gas cap off.
after my car has been sitting a while- overnight- when I first start it there is a small puff of white smoke from the exhaust- not always but about every 2-3 days or so. hubby just checked/ filled the oil last week. ...
will car need air filter, plugs, belts?
Happend at 30,000 miles and they replace tank and filler tube. Problem occurred again at 80,000 miles. Anyone else have this problem? Trying to find a way to get toyota to help cover cost or at least give me a life...
need to view all plastic pieces in front wheel well of scoin XA 2004
1.5 litre engine