wont accelerate. what could be the problem?

my car is using a lot of oil

I want to enhance the performance of my vehicle. I am currently under a 3 yr warranty. Would swapping my stock intake with a after market intake void my warranty?

Scion has been discontinued now. Does this mean they wont be supporting the car anymore? What happens once my warrenty runs out?

My car rollsback a lot worse than any other automatic car i've seen. It's like it's a manual. How do I help prevent this?

i have a wire brush stuck in the spark plug hole and the extension released, so now can't get the brush out unless i can remove the tube or well. is this possible

Tried putting refrigerant and nothing worked. What could be the problem, and how could i fix it?

On dash broad under my clock the words TRIP A just appeared

I have had a problem with the fog lights covers coming off, the lowest grill side snap on pieces coming off, and the trunk hatch coming off and have also noticed many other cars here in boise Idaho have the same issue.

I am having a hard time locating and removing starter.

but the A/C fuse 7.5 Amp it doesn't have power

The windows act like they have run out of power while moving. They only move a little at a time and you have to wait and then it will move a little more. This doesn't happen all the time.

It'll blow hot for awhile and it'll get cold but not cold enough it's like I'll crank it up all the way and it barely blows out Any air but sometimes it'll work perfect it's confusing

The line doesn't have air in or it doesn't have fluid neither what do I do???????

Have added coolant with no effect.

when driving i hear a scraping sound and when turning a clicking sound. We took the tire off and the wheel moves forward and backwards 2" both ways.

When I shift into gear the car doesn' t move in any gear. Its an automatic.

For some reason it has stopped blowing out. It only blows a small small amount of air out. That's it. Temp gauge still works but the fan speed doesn't work

I bought the car 6 months ago certified pre owned because I went over the the 12,000 miles they won't warranty it.

Is there a recall on the check engine light staying on in my 2005 scion tc. Please let me know if it's covered on the recall list with Scion

Besides the dealer were can I take it to get fixed

Rear bumper and left, driver side light replacement

Car was running fine. Parked it and went out next morning and wouldn't start. Already changed fuel pump. Still won't start. Any suggestions?