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when I changed my spark plugs yesterday I noticed there was some small amount of oil on each tube and spark plug chamber. I have no check engine light nothing noticeably wrong..no sluggish acceleration, strange noises...
My 2006 Scion TC is stalling after start ups. Tries to stall when using turn signals, head lights, power windows etc. replaced the crank shaft position sensor after reading error codes but car still stalling and runni...
Car won't shift properly only has 1st 3rd and 5th gears now
149,000 miles. Crank but won't start. Need to know how to check fuel pressure. I know about access panel under rear seats but how can I check pressure from there? Trying to diagnose bad fuel pump. Thanks!
what is the scheduled maintainance for belt/chain replacement
I just installed a new slave cylinder and I was bleeding the lines and during the process the pedal will either stay down or will gradually compress itself. I was wondering if I was improperly bleeding the lines or is...
engine light, clicking noise, "maintenance needed" light. car has 55k mileage.
will a dead battery in the key keep the car from starting all the gauges and lighrs come on but on start and windows wont work to make things worse i cant even get it into nutral
when on drive and at a still stop, i have a vibration on my steering wheel. what could it be? The vehicle is a 2006 Scion TC, it has 44,000 miles. Mostly highway miles. I've only done the oil changes. Every 5,000 miles.
When stepping on the bakes I feel and hear a 'pop'. when slowing down there is a vibrating in the steeing wheel.
When I drive my Scion the clutch is engaging but it is slow to move when it is on a gear. Is the vehicle dragging? What needs to be fix if this is the problem? Thanks
i replaced the oxygen sensor and is not original nedd to match the wires but they are differents colors, i have one grey 2 whites and 1 black but i dont know how to connect them