I want to enhance the performance of my vehicle. I am currently under a 3 yr warranty. Would swapping my stock intake with a after market intake void my warranty?

Scion has been discontinued now. Does this mean they wont be supporting the car anymore? What happens once my warrenty runs out?

My car rollsback a lot worse than any other automatic car i've seen. It's like it's a manual. How do I help prevent this?

Tried putting refrigerant and nothing worked. What could be the problem, and how could i fix it?

when driving i hear a scraping sound and when turning a clicking sound. We took the tire off and the wheel moves forward and backwards 2" both ways.

Is there a recall on the check engine light staying on in my 2005 scion tc. Please let me know if it's covered on the recall list with Scion

Car was running fine. Parked it and went out next morning and wouldn't start. Already changed fuel pump. Still won't start. Any suggestions?

bad engine

I purchased my 2005 Scion tC new, and after a couple of years, the AC wasn't blowing as cold as usual. I asked the dealership to check it, and they said that it was low on Freon and they added some, and the problem was fixed. A couple years later, again, not so cold. I asked them to check it, and they said that it was running to "factory specifications." I've asked them to check it a few other times, and still get the same line. I've just been able to tolerate it for many years (I live in Florida) but I'm planning to sell the car this year, and COLD AC will definitely help selling it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Stops moving when depress the clutch. Doesn't seem to do it after its warmed up. Slight squeal and car moves when cold until I depress clutch.

my 07 scion tc would not start itll crank but wont start i replaced a new battery,camshaft,starter,fuel pump,variable timing solenoid and new alternator that those was the cases but it still wont start.i ran out of option i dont know what else to do. HElP ASAP

What will the warranty cover and what can i expect to pay out of my pocket for the repair work?

Broken key only have the part that goes in the ignition

the transmission will not engage into gears. the clutch does go down with no problem

How much would it cost

After driving about 30 min I noticed that the console, E-brake and cup holder are extremely hot on driver side and not on the passenger side. It gets hot enough that I feel the heat on the seat and my leg. Does anyone have any idea why this would be or has anyone experienced this also...Thanks

It leaks when I have the air conditioning on.

3 veces sigue igual favor digame que mas ago

Can't get it out of park without the reset button and the park light and ABS lights stay on. When I put it into drive and depress the gas petal it only goes at a very low speed. This all just started after replacing the battery.

It happens manly when I go to take off from a stop and every now and then going down the road.

My friend works for Toyota and he was able to read the srs code using the computer. Said it was B1350. What does that entail? I tried looking up on the net and got generic codes. Any help would be appreciated.

when I changed my spark plugs yesterday I noticed there was some small amount of oil on each tube and spark plug chamber. I have no check engine light nothing noticeably wrong..no sluggish acceleration, strange noises.. I have 93,630 miles.