Tried putting refrigerant and nothing worked. What could be the problem, and how could i fix it?

Is there a recall on the check engine light staying on in my 2005 scion tc. Please let me know if it's covered on the recall list with Scion

I purchased my 2005 Scion tC new, and after a couple of years, the AC wasn't blowing as cold as usual. I asked the dealership to check it, and they said that it was low on Freon and they added some, and the problem was fixed. A couple years later, again, not so cold. I asked them to check it, and they said that it was running to "factory specifications." I've asked them to check it a few other times, and still get the same line. I've just been able to tolerate it for many years (I live in Florida) but I'm planning to sell the car this year, and COLD AC will definitely help selling it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Stops moving when depress the clutch. Doesn't seem to do it after its warmed up. Slight squeal and car moves when cold until I depress clutch.

Broken key only have the part that goes in the ignition

How much would it cost

It happens manly when I go to take off from a stop and every now and then going down the road.

Few years ago changed alternator n water pump 2013 replaced battery rpm go up and down not sure if its still resettin itself or something going on otherwise wouldnt know why the cel is on

for several years now I have had issues with the volume down button. First the button wouldn't engage underneath and I had to push really hard to make it work. and because of that I pushed the button so hard now it gets stuck under the cut-out hole and I can't get it out now.
it just progressively got worse and now I can't get it unstuck. so my stereo is useless.
please help. I don't want to have to replace it if at all possible

trying to replace the clutch

Rack and pinion removal, after accident

I have a question and maybe its the same one you justed answered. When im on idle at the light the car starts to shake. My battery was leaking a few months ago when it started to happen and i went ahead and replaced it. I now have a new battery but i still get that shaking feeling when at a light. is there something i need to do or check to make this shake go away. sometimes it feels as if the car wants to shut off completely. i thought it was bad gas when i filled the tank with new gas and it still doing it. I want to avoid going to the dealer because i know how crazy they can get. Currently my car is at 93000 and its a 2005 scion tc. I never had a problem with it until this and when i put the new battery i had to reset , windows, sunroof, tire pressure light etc. I did not know a battery coming off would cause all these concerns. Please help thank you.