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Constant when driving, just noticed smell. Wheel is hot to touch on center.
You put key in ignition and turn but not started yet. There is noise that comes the area of the glove box. It last about a minute and stops whether car is running or now. I have around 88,000 miles on the car. No di...
2007 Saturn Vue hybrid automatic door lock not funtioning
Hybrid batteries will not stay charged. Dealer said it was the either generator or alternator that keeps these batteries charged and the cost would be $ 2400+. What is the need for this repair and is This cost valid?
car makes a clicking noise when trying to start all lights will come on but will not take a jump
What sould an A/C compressor cost on a 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
3 days ago my ac stopped making the air cold, but the fan still works. Turn off the ac using either the fan switch or the ac button, and a horrible noise comes out of my car, turn it back on and the noise stops. I c...