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Car at idle runs good but at a stop or take off car bogs n gradually catches speed after 20 mph. Anybody have this problem
The car is torn apart, both front wheel bearings, calipers, brake pads have been replaced, and it still makes a loud groaning noise and it sounds like an airplane. The bearing in the fwd intermediate shaft is dry and ...
the filter pipe has allen fiting can I unscrew it to remove filter without harming motor
I checked fuel pressure and got about 41 psi, started to pull coil packs to check for spark, but found plug cavities full of oil. Help please. Did find that rubber boots need replaced as well but where is oil coming f...
No accelerator or engine kill either, just not going forward. Good shop changed sensors(PO135-Sensor Heater Cir Bank 1, P2138-Trhrottle pedal position sensor/switch d/e voltage correlation, PO031 02 S-Heater Control ...
P0717 and P0716 codes so I bought sensor. Need to know where it is located to replace. Mechanic coming over to night unfamiliar with this make.
185,000 miles. Did go over a bumpy rail crossing kinda' fast, but car ran fine & started 2X after
Can't afford a new car right now. How much are used engines?
i smell gas every time i stop my saturn vue i checked under and discovered gas leak coming from top
after install cars still feels like at times it wants to swerve to the right almost like there is something loose .Making a right turn it also feels like the right front tire isn't turning far enough acts like it is s...
Do I have to go to an actual dealership and is there a approximate cost to have them upgrade the software. I just bought the vehicle in November 2014 with only 26K mileage and I'm surprised to find out that I'm havin...
Condition happened suddenly. Have recently replaced CPS, spark plugs, valve cover gasket and water pump. Car was running fine till yesterday-now cranks but won't turn over
My car won't start unless I hold the gas pedal to the floor.
Was at GM dealership and was told I need to replace my intermediate shaft bearing? What is the estimate cost? What else will need to be replaced? The 2007 Saturn Vue is starting to rattle and make noise in the front?
It all started like 2 weeks ago, the check engine light was flashing only when excelerating or going up a hill, so took it to machanic and thy said it was the plugs, so I got new plugs, it seemed fine for a few days. ...
my Aura dash overheating level is starting to rise on my dashboard reader. It hasn't gone over the Overheat level Yet!but it has got close, but it wasn't doing that a couple of weeka ago. What do i need to do?? I'm wo...
oil in intake tube low oil pressure and metal tube leaking oil into spark plug
This car idles at 2000 rpm when in park. Any suggestions?
Water in my oil , what can I do and what might of caused the problem
Start it it smokes really bad an when it calling down it would cut off in traffic when I stop at a red light.
About the 35R waveplate failure? I have but my vehicle is over the 120k mileage limit