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No accelerator or engine kill either, just not going forward. Good shop changed sensors(PO135-Sensor Heater Cir Bank 1, P2138-Trhrottle pedal position sensor/switch d/e voltage correlation, PO031 02 S-Heater Control ...
i smell gas every time i stop my saturn vue i checked under and discovered gas leak coming from top
Was at GM dealership and was told I need to replace my intermediate shaft bearing? What is the estimate cost? What else will need to be replaced? The 2007 Saturn Vue is starting to rattle and make noise in the front?
Water in my oil , what can I do and what might of caused the problem
an hour afterwards my transmission started loosing power and it has no pickup... it sound as if the engine is wining... did a diasgnostic check on it and it says the tcc silenoid is low.. I cant find out where the tcc...
Where are they located any special tool any pictures would be helpful
Left front brake is not releasing. The system is not allowing pressure to caliper to release. Lines and caliper are ok.
Car not blowing hot air. Tstat has been changed still no heat. Help!!
Timing belt repair cost
replaced the BCM only check engine light came on when resetting..
The traction warning lights stay on all the time
rack has no leaks and steering was fine prior to pump going out
it is broke in half and ends are dry
today heard a load pop and got out to look piece of metal hangin off my inside driver side wheel other piece on ground it drove home any idea what it is
This has happened three times, I have been braking and slowly turning into a parking space and out of the blue the engine races pretty badly. I really have to step on the brake with force, I put the car in park and i...
I thought the service light with wrench meant oil was due to be changed but also just noticed it has a change oil soon light and a service engine soon light.. so what does the service light with the wrench next to it ...
My engine shuts off when I'm driving. It will usually start right back up but is very dangerous. There is no rhyme or reason - it happens during warm and cool weather, engine is warmed up yet not overheating, gas tank...
My car was driving fine. I got a tune up and oil change. I had to do a three hour drive, an hour and a half into it, my car is smoking and has a clanking noise.
It shuts off and sometimes before I pull over to the side of the road, it starts itself back up. I believe that there is a security problem somewhere and if that is the case, how do I fix it. Also When doors are unloc...