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Error code C0035 prompted me to replace left front wheel hub and speed sensor. ABS and TC lights are still on and error code is now reading left front malfunction. What is next step?
this last weekend I changed my left front wheel bearing assembly. today I was driving down the highway and went to turn on my heated seat. when I did that the batter light flashed on. I quickly turned off the heater, ...
u can feel the car lunge with brake applied coming to a stop, sometimes when u start to take off it feels like the brakes are applied when there not when this happens the front end will shake and shimmy as it dose whe...
It might stay off for a week and then comes back, but car runs good.
The arm from the driver's side wiper, that controls both wipers, has come loose from the passenger side wiper.
pressure are building up in brake line not allowing fluid to flow through,caluibars are not releasing
it was damaged in a crash all on right passenger side
my saturn vue 2007 4 clyc runs so slow is that normal?
the old nuetral safety was smashed in a wreak. the car will not cranked
this happens afet car has been drivin quite a distance
low mileage but it was in a front end crash, body is fully repaired, but the locks keep opening/closing while driving and the dash and tail lights aren't working.
I replaced the compressor, the accumulator,and the expancion valve, flushed the system and charged the system. It still does not cool. Can anyone help or tell me where I can a repair manuel.
A month after buying the engine started missing and two check engine lights came on. One is the power down light (?), which I'm told is rare. Dealer couldn't look at it except when it was doing it. Finally got it in a...
My seatbelt won't latch on passenger side. Dealer wants over $200 to fix. Says he has to take seat out. Is this right?