No accelerator or engine kill either, just not going forward. Good shop changed sensors(PO135-Sensor Heater Cir Bank 1, P2138-Trhrottle pedal position sensor/switch d/e voltage correlation, PO031 02 S-Heater Control circuit low bank1 sensor 1 & P2128-throttle pedal position sensor control cir low e cir high) from computer readout but still doing same. They said now I need a throttle "body" changed. What does this light really mean, does the throttle body change sound legit? Thx for your help. rm

i smell gas every time i stop my saturn vue i checked under and discovered gas leak coming from top

Was at GM dealership and was told I need to replace my intermediate shaft bearing? What is the estimate cost? What else will need to be replaced? The 2007 Saturn Vue is starting to rattle and make noise in the front?

Left front brake is not releasing. The system is not allowing pressure to caliper to release. Lines and caliper are ok.

This has happened three times, I have been braking and slowly turning into a parking space and out of the blue the engine races pretty badly. I really have to step on the brake with force, I put the car in park and it immediately stops racing. My warranty runs out soon and I would like to get it fixed. Besides it is very scary.

The car didn't shut off but when I tried to park it it was very hard to turn the steering wheel.I have had issues before this with my battery going dead.

hub and sensor were replaced codes co245 & co036 showed up could anyone tell me what to look for I did notice that the sensor has 2 spacer between the sensor and hub

New rotors drums and pads replaced 6 months ago. New wheel bearing assembly replaced 1 month ago. Every time brake pedal applied there is a slight push back on the pedal at the same time there is a noise heard like a chatter and the brakes feel like they are going to fail as I glide to a slow stop

Error code C0035 prompted me to replace left front wheel hub and speed sensor. ABS and TC lights are still on and error code is now reading left front malfunction. What is next step?