Engine will not rev when hitting gas pedal Even in neutral Have to turn car off and restart

When idling, neutral or in gear, after a while I get a loud buzz/hum from what seems to be the front left section of the vehicle. Shutting it off for a second seems to resolve temporarily. Doesn't appear to affect operation but haven't tried driving while it is occurring.

I have a check engine light on codes read P0098, P0442, Twice. changed gas cap and intake air temperture sensor . Now what, this is making me crazy ?????

Up and has no problem with speed and when I drive my light on my radio and dash get dim and sometimes they will come on back and sometimes they will stay faded

Could it be a bad fuse?

I checked all fuses, swapped the relays, the fan motor itself works tested on bench. Not sure where to look next except for the switch or the fan motor resistor??

The problem is constant.

This happened to me & I lost the motor!

On first startup The check engine light blinks Then stays on. I have changed all the spark plugs, The coil packs, The front o2 sensor, And put additive in the fuel, with Changing the Fuel cap. And it still comes on. Please help.

As soon as A/C or even Defrost is turned on, vue just dies out/ cuts off.

the car turns over but it won't start

A 02 sensor code b1 s2 could this cause it to misfire an run rough going down the road because changing spark plugs didn't help

i have an 06 vue with the honda 3.5v6 it has 74k i am the original owner i just had a ton of work done to this vue including timing belt kit(gates) water pump, spark plugs, belt,air filter throttle body cleaned changed one of the sensors, and new battery changed (this truck is babied) my problem is truck is now idling rough at standstill even when its cold and i let it warm up still idling eratic it has plenty of power when moving or on the highway accellorates smooth never had this problem before now its ony been a few hundred miles since this work was done! i bought it back to my mechanic he says nothing wrong with it and this is how idle is! and i have used this guy for years but i think he is missing something cause truck used to idle fine! so if theres anybody who could offer me any help with this! that would be great! please help! thanks nick in n.y.

This happens in the morning and will go away after the car is re-started numerous times which leads me to believe it has warmed up.