When headlights are turned on a clicking noise starts not sure where the noise is coming from but it does not stop until lights are turned off

It doesn't stall but steering tightens and it acts like it is going to stall as soon as I get speed back up it stops doing it

I love my car.

Why does it make these noises

My saturn vue may have seized. Car would crank but not turn over. Battery is good, cps crank positioning shaft replace. Starter was replaced. Oil was at appropriate level. All fluids good. No problems with overheating. Some electrical problems before car stopped working. A mechanic said he can manually get the engine to turn half way in either direction but then it locks. It no longer cranks only clicks and no power to the car even with battery being recharged.

I have had this happen 4 times already. After I have run the car for awhile I experience a turns over won't start problem, and if I leave the car sit overnight where it is, in the morning it will start up without a problem. I have had the car checked out at a private shop and a GMC dealer shop and they could not repeat the failure in order to check it out.

How hard is it to change transmission fluid on the 2004 Saturn Vue (automatic transmission)

I've had my car taken apart twice. It's not the sunroof, windshield, Windows or doors.

help...I would like to repair this myself. is the problem a motor? do the signals have a small motor that they work off of? can I get this at an auto store?

there is an annoying noise that comes on when I turn on my turning signals and hazards. the signal light (arrow)is still. and the hazards do not "blink" on/off as well. it is happening all of the time now. my signals just stopped working and I cannot get my State Inspection taken care of! please help! can I fix this myself?????? is it simple???

When this happens I have to let car sit and cool before I am able to drive it again but is getting more frequent. What is causing calipers to stick? Please help me.

This is a 5 speed manual transmission. At first I thought it might be something with a wheel. Had car aligned and tires balanced today and still have the noise. I thought it might be power steering fluid, but was told it has an electric motor with no fluid. Help? Is this dangerous? It only whines when I turn the steering wheel right and only after I've driven at least 5 minutes.