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The car is torn apart, both front wheel bearings, calipers, brake pads have been replaced, and it still makes a loud groaning noise and it sounds like an airplane. The bearing in the fwd intermediate shaft is dry and ...
an hour afterwards my transmission started loosing power and it has no pickup... it sound as if the engine is wining... did a diasgnostic check on it and it says the tcc silenoid is low.. I cant find out where the tcc...
replaced the BCM only check engine light came on when resetting..
I noticed the right rear tire was at a angle so I went and looked and I thought it was just a bushing was out. I took it to my mechanic and he could not believe that we had been driving like that. We looked up and the...
it came out code po506
i really need to know so i can fix the problem it is hot in louisiana
it would blow off and on for a while then it completely stopped. if i let the air from outside and keep on the compressor the air that blows when i'm moving is ice cold