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after this mornings very cold Hard start running fine
I have replaced plugs.wires.injecter.coil packs and plate.fuel filter.air filter.compresson tested.what else could it be..converter maybe.runs great at lower rpm an it don't even set Code po303 unless u get into the g...
Change my battery. Ran for 15 minutes, turned it off and when I went to turned it back on there was no electrical anywhere. No lights even. Hooking my battery to my wife's car battery still no electrical activity.
This is the third time it has happened in about a month's time frame. The last two times it happened it started right back up after a few minutes. This time it just wouldn't start at all. When I try to start it it doe...
There are no codes stored in the pcm. Ive replaced both 02 sensors, fuel filter, anti knock sensor, spark plugs/wires, and the pcv. Ive disassembled and cleaned the throttle body, run a heavy duty 3m injector cleane...
Hey Parts Guy, I sent an email to jmgrhm30@gmail, but haven't heard back? Thanks Jamie
what is the proper procedure to ensure accurate diagnosis of code P0303? Thaks
The car has had new spark plugs, wires, both O2 sensors were changed, lots more but cant seem to get this problem. Would changing the trans filter help?
The carpet is constantly wet. Don't know where to start to diagnose the problem and/or the cost of the repair.
I was test driving this Saturn today for my teenage son and when slowing down to a stop it had a pretty loud whine. Could this have anything to do with the automatic transmission? If not, what could it be? It is th...
do i have to remove the water pump to get to the timing chain?
I was told you need to take the water pump out. If you have any info that'll help me out please respond back (urgent)