ITt would have a slightly high idle that would slowly go down as you came to a stop. From about 2200 rpm to about 900.

Car still idols high for a period of time before going down sometimes this doesn't happen doesn't matter if it's hot or cold what else could be wrong

The engine is in sideways.

The window is completely gone. Is there a lift up type for my sc2 saturn? If not all the parts and the window

My car starts and revs fine for only a few seconds then tries to die out when I give it gas and spits and sputters when I put it in gear

My rpm gauge when start and drive is between 2 and 3 how can I adjust

The left brake light, and center brake light on the trunk, and turn signals all work fine. It's only the right rear brake light that won't work.

So i was replacing the master slave cylinder push rod in my 1999 sc2 when i knocked it loose and it fell into the transmission!!! any idea on how to get pull it out without dropping tranny?

I just can't get the door handle thru the panel hole. If I unlatch the locking bars, there isn't enough room to get in behind the panel to reattach. Please help asap. I'm the original owner and have been fixing this vehicles minor issues. I have had it stored for over four years. Brake lines corroded and are being repaired this Friday, October 23, 2015.

I've gotten new spark plugs and o2 sencors what could it be ?

When I accelerate from a complete stop my front passanger tire feels like it spins a little or shutters for a few seconds before it stops and accelerate s normally.

changed brake pads everything was good . 2 days after every time i turn right makes a sound like something is dragging or like metal on metal ( sound= ting ting ting ) . ive spent 3 hours underneath car making sure there was nothing loose . please HELP!!! its driving me nuts!!!!

bled line, changed fuel filter and it is still switching between gears, just barley moving though

Here is the scoop I have replaced the following parts in the past 3 months or so. Everything is up front ...Both crontol arms which would include the ball joints, both front wheel hub assemblys new rotors,brakes,brake calipers,inner and outer tie rod ends, brake caliper hoses ,driver side axle .... rear drums and shoes car has been lined up twice in past 4 months and now when I hit my brakes the car pulls to one side and the wheel cocks to the opposite side plus while taking a turn the car will jerk then settle back on once straight again also shakes like a bitch doing anywhere from 60 to 75 mph. Any insight or help would be awesome not sure what the problem is

My daughter's SC2 has 163,000 miles on it. I just bought it and replaced the battery, starter, alternator, wiper motor and hot wired the fan (because I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it) and the AC pump and serpentine belt. As soon as we started using the AC it began sputtering and dying right after she left the house. We have drowning in Denver in rain the past month, I thought maybe there was water in the lines and put some Lucas fuel treatment in. It seemed to work until it got hot outside again and now everytime she leaves the house with the AC on it dies. The RPM's go up too. When the car dies, she pulls over and turns everything off and it usually starts right up. today it took a little longer.

Can't get it to pass smog same codes

after this mornings very cold Hard start running fine

Radio recently went out, relay switch was removed, and it came back on and was running fine for three days. New battery and alternator has been checked. Lights on dash and headlights will come on. Will not turn over or jump. Radio is also not working again. Service soon light is on. Drove today turned it off, tried right after to crank it and it won't do anything.