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I cant leave my keys or my purse in my car anymore. The doors just randomly lock and unlock thereselves all the time
Power windows work, but actual window is not properly affixed to mechanism. Therefore, when lowered, it only goes down to a point, and then will not close without manually straightening it (if I'm lucky). I want to tr...
The engine will turn over without a problem but will not fire, could the ignition module be causing this? I've tried two new coils and it still would not fire.
i had my car put on the machine and it came up with the code P0471 how would i go about fixing the tort converter and changing the clutch to my transmission?
Window won't roll up, I believe the motor has died. How do I replace this?
Can I get instructions on how to fix this problem, cooling hose on drivers side
Can I get instructions on how to fix this problem, cooling hose on drivers side
the motor hesitates and stalls out wheather its climbing hills or driving down the road.taking off from a red light.i have replaced the pss {power shifting sensor}and the diagnostic code for shifting sensor still come...
car runs fine until i stop for a light to change, then it starts to skip and miss while i am waiting.
It's the only thing keeping my inspection from passing
the side body parts are like messed up or probably the bumper lid is slanted. you know like the lid is too close to the right lamp light. i got. the car at car auction
under the dash inside the car is the main port to the computer on the car responses with no reading what controls this port?
inside the car there is a port 9 pin plug when plugged in shows no reading the main port to the whole computer on the car? can it be replaced?
my auto will not start
Had a problem with the car bucking and backfiring, idles high and spark plugs wet, so we removed motor cover to check rubber cover gasket, was fine. Replaced the cover after cleaning plugs and now the car won't start.