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The dash lights that illuminate the speedometer and the tachometer have gone out. I am having a problem locating which fuse controls the dash lights. I have read the manual but I do not see any fuse abbreviation that indicates dash board light. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Also, my cigarette lighter has not worked in a few years. It has been replaced with a brand new piece and it still does not work. If that is also a fuse problem, which one is it?

Have you ever seen a PCM damaged by ABS or other solenoid in the car. I have a 93 saturn SC2 that blows the 5 volt fuse on PCM B location. Computer won't give any check engine lights assumption is (dead PCM). The ABS brake system is empty due to brake line rust through. I just bought the replacement computer and the instructions say check all solenoids. Do I fix or unplug the ABS before installing the computer? inital problem was will not crank. I have tested the fuel pump it works correctly.


car has been parked for 3 years new battery and gas put in and wont start

i have a 93 sc2 saturn that has a blown engine and was wanting to know if any other engine besides saturn would work to swap with it is L4 1.9L mf/dohc

What kind of automatic transmission fluid should I put into mu car?

i have loose/improper exhaust system mountings and an
exhaust system leak. how much to repair or replace?

I switched up recently and topped off my SC2 with mid grade gas...and since then all heck has broken loose :( This is more of a project car, but has always been a decent running car. But after topping off the tank with about 5 gallons of mid grade gas versus the usual "cheap" gas, the next time I drove the car it started sputtering, hesitating, and would cut out once I put a load on the engine (it's a 5 speed). I replaced the PCV valve, new plugs, new air filter, thinking I had fixed it. WRONG!! It would start, idle for 10 minutes or so, then run very rough and eventually cut off entirely. So I'm thinking once the engine warms up is when the problem occurs. I'd let it set for about 10 minutes, crank it up again, same result. Almost like the old carb cars when they would flood out. I'm thinking it is something emission related, or a clogged fuel filter (the car now won't crank at all, turns over but never fires, making me think it's a fuel delivery problem). Any ideas PLEASE??

My car won't start (more often than not lately) -- someone said that if I put the brake in while turning the key and moving the gear shift back and forth that it will start... this worked in the beginning but not very often now.... takes a long time for it to start sometimes. We had the electrical checked and they said that was fine...