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oil in intake tube low oil pressure and metal tube leaking oil into spark plug
Car shifts into drive, reverse and low with no issues. While driving and during acceleration the transmission will shift from 1st to 2nd, but from 2nd to 3rd it doesn't shift and the engine races upwards of 4500 rpm.
my car is giving off the code P0017 P0018, which is camshaft Correlation sensor I want to know if there is a way to adjust the timing.
I need a diagram of how to replace the water pump on my 07 outlook
How do we suckers go about getting GM to recall and rectify Tranny Issues.
the power and tranmission fluids or only use the dealer?
I recently had a new battery installed and now my interior "delay" lighting does not work. Is there something I can reset or do I have to go to the dealer to turn it back on?
I own a 2007 saturn outlook with less than 37,000 miles. I recently took it in for maintenance and was informed I needed to replace the master cylinder, front and back brakes and also need to replace the left front s...
When I add gas to my truck it sputters out before the it will crank up. Diagnostic reading states it is an emissions control issue. Please help
my 07 outlook just overheated for thr the first time. i am very mechanically inclined and i believr it is the waterpump or the thermostat is not opening. any advise would be greatly appreciated. if it is water pump i ...
How do I tow 7000 lbs of a trailer with a car on it behind saturn outlook for a one way trip 1200 miles (heard the transmission may need changing)??