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P0717 and P0716 codes so I bought sensor. Need to know where it is located to replace. Mechanic coming over to night unfamiliar with this make.
oil in intake tube low oil pressure and metal tube leaking oil into spark plug
Car shifts into drive, reverse and low with no issues. While driving and during acceleration the transmission will shift from 1st to 2nd, but from 2nd to 3rd it doesn't shift and the engine races upwards of 4500 rpm.
Dealer replaced speed sensor but error msgs still appear.
I just brought in my '08 Outlook at 100k miles to replace the power steering pump as it was making noise and I received the letter about the extended replacement until 150K. After diagnostics the dealer is saying t...
Can I do just one side or do I need to do both?
my car is giving off the code P0017 P0018, which is camshaft Correlation sensor I want to know if there is a way to adjust the timing.
I'm trying to re-charge my ac and can't find the compressor or low port anywhere. I've done this many times in other cars so its not like I do t know what to look for. I just can find the darn thing in this car!
There is an engine check light and an engine has reduced power statement on my odometer cluster
What kind b of technician should check this brake, electric etc and how serious is it?
Only happens occasionally, is this a unplug and replacement part issue? Never dealt with electronic power steering. This has just started happening the last couple of weeks and not all the time.
our local GM dealership is aware and says so is GM about the continued transmission issues on the saturn outlooks. what does it take to get a recall? i've already had $3,000 work done on mine replacing the 35R wave pl...
Didn't know a cars rear end had an alignment ? I this possible ?
Went to AutoZone the other week for the check engine light. They told me that it was: P0752- 2 shift solenoid valve performance and P0700 - transmission control module. The light went off about 10 minutes after the di...
I need a diagram of how to replace the water pump on my 07 outlook
How do we suckers go about getting GM to recall and rectify Tranny Issues.
the transmission on my 2008 saturn outlook (98,000 miles) stopped working completely at 75 miles an hour while attempting to pass. i am on vacation in mexico. GMC garage mechanic here says i need a new computer contro...
Is this something that should be done only at a dealership repair shop?
I bought AC Pro to install, but the gauge wouldn't get out of the red. The Youtube instructions said that it needs refridgerant if it does this. The air is actually working at the moment though. Can I install refridge...
I had one of the guys at Advance Discount Auto do diagnostics on it & the results were "P0449 Evaporative Emission Vent Valve Solenoid Malfunction". The gentleman said it was probably a specific part but he couldn't b...