I had someone plow into my front end while it was parked. It was fixed and seemed to be running fine. All of a sudden went to start the car one day and it just would not connect. left it over night, next morning started fine. and then the check engine light was on. over the next few days the car would start sometimes and not other times. the ck engine light would come on and go off. I took it to O'Reily auto part to check why the ck engine light is on and he said the computer said it was the transmission speed sensor. Does that sound right and how costly is that to fix?

This happens whenever I have the A/C ON. I removed the drain tube and that is clear. I removed the cover at the foot well and when I drive I can see water coming out the plastic cover that has the panel velco located
Any ideas or should I see an A/C specialist

i just took my car to a car shop they said i had a fuel leak.

my car hasnt been driven for 6 years since I was overseas. I'm now driving it and was recommended to use a higher grade of gas than what I normally use. For now the engine light never came on before until after I put fuel in the car

car was running fine one day on way home from work started making loud noise from top of motor changed oil quieted a little bit

I was told ther is no manufacturer specific rear cabmer adjustment.

2005 Saturn L300. All dome lights, dimmer lights, and mirror lights have stopped working. Checked all fuses in both panels and all are good. What else can I check or how can I determine if a relay is bad? Battery died approximately 3 weeks after this problem occurred although it was 4 years old. Replaced battery and rechecked fuses. All are still good.

weekly and I have no owners manual

got in an accident on the front end , went to the dealers and fixed now the car wont start they say cant help because its pre exsiting but this never as happened before

how much should i spent on a tune up for the first time?

If you are having brake pads changed is it necessary to also due the rotors @ the same time? How do you know if the rotors need changing??

I have been told I need front brake pads and rotors replaced - i have 41,340 miles. Can they tell this from an oil change visit??

I have 41,340 miles and they say I need fuel injector flush - please advise