Acts like a fuse link is blown? Any suggestions on where they might be? Also anything else I might look for that would cause this. It almost will start kinda stumble and die. Thanks in advance. Jim

I parked my car with the valet and when I came out my car was sitting in the same place as when I went into my doctors appointment. The valet said he could not get my car out of park. I have course tried and the car would start no problem however I could not get it out of park. I then had to call a tow truck. What could be wrong?

Set timing after replacing Belt

Bought car, owner said no problems. Wrench came on, car would jerk as it was shifting into 3rd and 4th gear.
Took to garage. Large bill, then one week later, it does the same thing. I can't keep putting a lot of money into this car when I have owned it one month. Do not drive it very much. Now the garage is talking about the mass air flow, which will be expensive also. Can anyone help. I really regret buying this car. I couldn't afford to buy a new one so I opted for a used one owner car with half the mileage of my other car. Here at Christmas and I don't have a dependable car, not to mention that it is draining my checking acct. Help?

On Thursday my car died after about 15 miles put on I was going 55 and I felt it jump buck kind of kept going then bucked again and shut down. I tried starting it a few times no luck after 15-20 min started up ran fine. The lights stayed on for battery and oil and then went off.I took back to shop they said nothing was wrong. Drove it died again and again this is not safe and need some help please and how to figure out if it is that that I need....thanks

Stalled 343 code new timing belt marks in time no compression at plugs pushing hand off intake runners. Do I have head damage

I turned the car off immediatly. What could be causing that kind of a noise?

My AC is stuck on heat
The buttons are stuck

This started about two weeks ago After oil change
and lube

can anyone help me unlock it? or know what the 4 digit code is?

Several things like crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, and transmission control module. 4 separate mechanics have looked at the tranny and all have cleared that. Also replaced the catalync converter.

had new fuel pump and filter installed, but problem still there.. once it dies out hard to restart and will only rev. out to 4000 rpm runs alittle while and will cut jout agian.

If the car is cut off and cut back on, the light doesn't come on until another 40 minutes.

If the car is cut off and cut back on, the light doesn't come on until another 40 minutes. Had a EGR val code put cleaned that.

3rd fuel pump replacement in less then 2 yrs just had last one replaced weekend of 6/12/15 ran fin all weekend got home today 6/15/2015
and now it wont start. sputters and coughs like she wants too very frusterated is their more then 1 pump on this car

this is the 3rd one in about a 1 1/2 yrs. the most recent one was done 6/13/2015. she drove fine all weekend with no starting issues. got home today and now she wont start. she sputters and coughs but wont turn over

I smell oil when I have the air or heat on only, most of the time.