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Neither of my heated seats work. They both stopped working at the same time. What could cause both seats to fail at the same time?
Spark plugs labor to replace
How do you reset the oil change system?
been told could be throttle body needs cleaning and map sensor replaced
I'll turn the key and it fires right up but shuts off seconds after. It'll keep doing that as long as I turn the key off before trying again. If I try to start it right back up before turning the key off, I only turns...
this hapen when the car was runin and i herad licke and explotion and this hapend. the mecanic disassemble the head and the seal was find an the carter have no oil and water mixed they tollme the block of the engin ...
The mechanic didn't reset the oil change button afterwards. Now the "service engine soon" light is on and the seat belt icon is on. No gauges at all work.
I remove key and auto door locks do not respond I re insert key give it a giggle and I got power and it starts
Change instrument cluster,checked all fuses still no result
if its not the fuel line, then where else would fuel be leaking from top of tank, when the car is running that is the only time fuel leaks out
105K miles. recent purchase. since 1st month, mpg drop 3-5. always starts, sometimes no acceleration for awhile ( 5 mins), then OK. Check engine light on intermittently. Smells like gas when stopped and turned off. An...
I know this is an expensive repair, right now I don't have the funds. I was quoted $2000-$2500. In your opinion is it worth having the repair? It has 72,000 mi., good condition. I'm trying to avoid having a car payme...
the gas cap was checked did not help. just happened today for the first time. 3 hrs from home