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I have a 2005 Saturn Ion with less than 50km on it. In  Nov 2009 for some reason the car would not start - it was winter and was late at night.  We tried the next day and it started.  This happened again during the wi...
i replaces spark plugs, air filter. put it on code tester, read no codes, but said mass air flow out of range, replaced mass air flow, but my car still dies when i am in gear in ideal, not when in park
Changed coil pack, plugs, ignition module and problem remains. Removed coil pack and removed plugs...they each look the same, the "boots" and inner springs look clean as well as the plugs...the plugs each look the sa...
power light on because computer bad
My engine light came on and the car would only go 20 miles per hour. Had it towed to the mechanic. It seems that the security system has failed on my car and totally shut it down. What can I do about getting parts or ...
My car makes a creeking noise in the front right when turning or accelerating from a stop. Is it the suspension? How much to repair front struts?
I have a 2005 Saturn Ion. There was a wire hangind down and my ABS light was on. The mechanic said the ABS is ripped out and ruined. He also said the boot is leaking and the axle needs to be replaced. Is the vehicle s...
Ok I have had this car three years and the most annoying thing is trying to get the key out of the ignition. Sometimes it comes out just fine but mostly i have to fight to get the key out. I have tried holding my fo...
diagnostic code is miss fires all cylinders. it happened all of a sudden and now it won't run there is 141k miles on the car. it is an eco tech 2.0 or 2.2 liter
I recently had a head gasket replaced and now I have a transmission pan leak. Are these related?
Today I changed my oil and my change oil light wont turn off, ive disconnected the battery and the light remains on.
The Reduced Engine Light displays every time the car starts, the car seems to have little power while attempting to drive and the engine violently vibrates as though the car is about to breakdown
engine light is on also reduced power light is on also
2.2 liter Ion, 75,000 miles runs good sometimes feels like it missing.
How much should I pay for a battery