Window will go donw but not up

When testing current flowing it shoes ut is. When connecting motor no current

The coolant is full but the light for check coolant is on...

Engine light on and took it to have it tested at auto zone and they said it was transmission control module

I've done everything I can think of to try and fix the car. Took it in for the recall parts, changed the started, fuel filter, full tuneup and the car still won't start. It used to start like normal but then it started acting up one day and now it might start if you hold the gas peddle all the way down after a couple of tries. Runs great after its on and doesn't shut off, the starting is my issue. Any advice?

Have serious leak under headliner at top edge of passenger side of car, it drips from headliner to seat. Every time it rains.

put gas in my car and know the dash lights are flashing

When I removed the axle a lot of fluid came out. I know how to check the level, but don't know how to add the transmission fluid. Thanks.

or turn the signal light or try to put it into gear. It starts and runs great until I try one of these items