Saab 9-7x Problem Report

Saab 9-7x Sagging Rear Suspension

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Rear spring sensor malfunction can cause the rear suspension to sag requiring recalibration of the sensors.

everytime my vehicle is shut off my rear end is sagging to ground do you know what may cause this. -
when i come out in the morming togo to work the car is squatting to the bottom with no air at all in the suspension. it fills right back up again when i start the car. -
Sagging Rear Suspension -
SUV is sitting from night before with rear on the floor. Start it up and it inflates. Park it in the garage at night and Rinse & Repeat... Every day... -
it appears the right side sags and load lever not functioning -
Rear end of vehicle sags badly when turned off, then the air shocks pump it back up again when you start the vehicle. -
Rear sagging. -
when the car is left to sit for a few hours the back of the car is sagging, but seems fine once the car is started -
Rear end sags every time I leave it sitting for a few hours. Pumps back up as soon as I crank it. -
Same exact problem. Rear suspension lowers WAY DOWN when car is turned off then pumps up when car is turned back on. -
sagging rear suspension -
Constant sagging and compressor keeps running -
exact same problem as all others sags over night but airs right up -
When the vehicle is shut off for several hours the rear suspension sags. After start up the suspension comes back up to normal. -
rear sag if parked for 4 or 5 hrs, once engine start it pumps back to normal level. -
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