Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Replace air filter when replacing failed mass air flow sensor

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The mass air flow (MAF) sensor tends to fail. The engine air filter should be replaced when the mass air flow sensor is replaced; a dirty filter can allow debris to damage the new sensor.

My 2001 CLK55 AMG was going through a MAF sensor every six months... Symptoms are: Greatly reduced fuel mileage, and sluggish performance. Usually, no DTC / trouble codes are set however. Fortunately, MAF sensors can be bought new with a one year warranty from merchants on EBAY for around $50 for aftermarket, and up to $160 for OEM / Bosch. This same part can cost $350 from the Mercedes dealer....!!!!!!!!!! The last ebay MAF sensor I installed has now made it over a year with no issues. part: 336-60531, 1130940048 -
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