Mitsubishi Eclipse Problem Report

Mitsubishi Eclipse Rattle Noise From Clutch

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A rattle noise may be noted from the clutch area while the car is at idle. If the noise changes or goes away when the clutch is depressed the fault is commonly with the clutch disc springs. It has be reported that a revised clutch disc is available from Mitsubishi to correct this concern.


drivetrain rattles at idle when the clutch is not depressed. When the clutch is depressed, the rattling goes away. -
Clutch rattled for about 2 months , a few weeks ago was going down the road down shifted from 4th to third at 50 mph. Car made a loud bang and no gears at all .. -
have a rattling/ grinding noise in the clutch area. new/used manual tranny, new throw out bearing not new clutch. press the clutch in and gone release it and it sounds angry. -
Clutch rattles when I turn the engine off. I do NOT hear the rattle if I depress the clutch pedal when I kill the engine. -
Rattle when at idle in neutral. goes away when you press the clutch, or put the car in gear. -
it sqeakeals like a lound grinding and if i acclerate fast it like slips and i hear a like bang almost like a nock but its coming from the tranny -
Rattle Noise From Clutch,goes away when clutch is cluch kit was installed. -
same problem -
When I start my car There is a loud rattling noise This continues while driving.When i press clutch peddle down the noise goes away. Any ideas? -
Same as listed not fixed yet. -
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