Power Window Motor May Fail on Jeep Liberty

The power window motor commonly fails in the front and rear doors. This may require replacement of the complete window regulator assembly which will include the window motor.

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Average mileage: 12,425,329 (200–2,147,483,647)
11 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
237 people reported this problem
159 people shared problem details
2006 Jeep Liberty61,000
2006 Liberty - window regulator replaced. Estimate $250 but new redesign increased cost to $390 or I could use original replacement part but would need a new window. We all know this is a defectice part porblem with jeep and they refuse to acknowledge it. The parts are cheap plastic. Any word on class action suit?? If not, let's get this out in the social network environment so people know that Chrysler is a bad corporate organization with their customers.
2004 Jeep Liberty114,000
My wife's 2004 Liberty ALREADY has had driver's window regulator replaced, driver's rear window regulator replaced (TWICE!!), AND NOW needs passenger rear window regulator replaced. (Gonna take care of this one myself!) Sure sounds like there should have been a recall to me! A class action suit definitely should have been brought on Chrysler-wonder if you still can now that FIAT owns them...
2007 Jeep Liberty52,000
window fell in and the motor is not working, called dealer after I got a letter about a 7 year warrenty they said I would need to bring it in and it may be covered or it may not depends on what is wrong so I may need to pay!! so sorry I got this liberty its been nothing but a hassel since I bought it!!! JEEP and Chystler suck!!!
2004 Jeep Liberty96,000
I have had my Jeep for 2 years & have now had to replace all 4 window regulators! I wish Jeep would issue a recall as this seems to be a major problem. The last 2 regulators stopped working last week & I will have spent over $1,000 replacing them since I've had this car.
2007 Jeep Liberty65,000
back window locked and back rear left door want open and window will not go up
I bought my 2003 Liberty Sport in 2006 and have had the back, passenger side window regulator assembly replaced 4 times now!!!! I cannot believe Chrysler won't do anything to fix this problem or make it right. Why keep making this piece that breaks every single time out of PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! The last time I had this repaired, my mechanic ordered an aftermarket part made of metal so hopefully that window is good to go ! The first time I had this problem fixed, it was about $200 and it goes up a little each time I have it fixed. This last time it was replaced, it was almost $300. Guess I just sit and wait for the others to go bad. At least I've learned to keep duct tape in my car so I have a way of rolling them up after they fall.
2002 Jeep Liberty140,000
First the passenger rear window, now the driver door.
2008 Jeep Liberty54,500
Heard a snap on the way home one day. Window immedietly stopped working. Very disapointed with jeep.
2002 Jeep Liberty75,000
Had to replace rear regulator ass.
2004 Jeep Liberty2,147,483,647
Driver window regulator went out, $225 to fix it, rattles and creaks rolling up and down now. That was at 169,017 miles. 208 miles later, drivers side passenger window did the same thing. Real pisser if you ask me. Must be faulty equipment/design. Love my car, not loving the window issues.
2005 Jeep Liberty100,000
driver rear window does not go upon down. Seems to be the window motor or regulator
2007 Jeep Liberty80,000
Recall repaired windows
2003 Jeep Liberty153,000
The spring comes out of the top of my door when I try to put the window down. I have no issues with the window falling. Is this the same issue or is it just off track
2002 Jeep Liberty104,000
Rear drivers side window motor broke.
Replaced the rear two Window motors on my Liberty 2007, then right after the front two needed replacing. Just a few months later the back two stopped working again. I have not spent the money again to repair. It's a shame too I bought my jeep used from dealer with warranty but was told I wasn't covered. They know this is a known problem but have not done a recall for repairing the issue.
2005 Jeep Liberty176,000
Attempted to put my passenger front window down and it started making noises. I tried to have it go up and heard the noises again. I immediately knew I had a problem. I had to replace the motors in the rear windows twice so I knew the sound. As I'm still driving, the window went down automatically. Luckily I was able to make it home and now have tape on the window until I can take it in.
Windows will not go down Weird nasty smell in the car Does this mean it will cost me roughly $300? Really?
2002 Jeep Liberty125,000
reear window lift failure. striping gears on spiral drive
2005 Jeep Liberty40,000
I purchased a new Jeep Liberty in 2005. All 4 of the power window regulator assemblies have broken. The first one was the Front passenger side in 2007. I replaced it with a Jeep replacement part (cost to me =$350). Next, the Driver's side broke, in 2008. Replaced for $350+. Subsequently, the 2 rear windows broke. I had never used them a single time because I have no kids and have never had any passengers in the rear seats. I took the car down to Mexican town and had them secured with S hooks so that I would not have to replace them again (7-800), since I never use the windows. Unfortunately, I do live in Arizona where it is 115 degrees in the summer so I really need to have the windows UP. The Front driver's side broke a second time and I replaced it a second time for $350-400, again with the JEEP part. Now, the Front passenger side broke again. Middle of summer. 115 degrees. It broke at night - how convenient. At that point, I did some online research about the ongoing class action lawsuit and Chrysler's position - which apparently is that I, as a consumer, should not have been stupid enough to purchase the replacement part from Jeep a 2nd time, since I was obviously "on notice" that the Jeep OEM part was defective. Contributory negligence. Nice. I telephoned the snobby Scottsdale Airpark Jeep dealership parts department to inquire about the replacement part. I asked if they were still selling the same OEM part that existed when I originally bought the Jeep - the regulator assembly with the PLASTIC piece that is designed to break, even if the power window is never used. Obviously a small piece of plastic cannot withstand the heavy weight of the window. I was advised that Chrysler had manufactured a NEW replacement part. They re-designed it, knowing that it was defective. The new part is even more expensive, and they would be happy to sell me 4 of them - and repair all 4 of my broken windows for a mere $1800. Really? Seriously? The parts shop advised me to call Chrysler Customer Service to see if they will repair the window for me, since the recall only applies to the 2006-2008 Jeeps. I am about to embark on a series of phone calls, which I am quite sure will lead to nothing. So - in summary - ALL of my power window regulators broke - even the windows that had never been used - prior to 2010, within a 5 year period. 2 of the 6 broke twice. I am sure the other two would have broken again if I had replaced the parts. I opted to have them permanently sealed shut instead so that they would not fall down into the window when I was out driving around in the 115 degree heat.
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