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Jeep Liberty Power Window Motor May Fail

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The power window motor commonly fails in the front and rear doors. This may require replacement of the complete window regulator assembly which will include the window motor.

2006 Liberty - window regulator replaced. Estimate $250 but new redesign increased cost to $390 or I could use original replacement part but would need a new window. We all know this is a defectice part porblem with jeep and they refuse to acknowledge it. The parts are cheap plastic. Any word on class action suit?? If not, let's get this out in the social network environment so people know that Chrysler is a bad corporate organization with their customers. -
My wife's 2004 Liberty ALREADY has had driver's window regulator replaced, driver's rear window regulator replaced (TWICE!!), AND NOW needs passenger rear window regulator replaced. (Gonna take care of this one myself!) Sure sounds like there should have been a recall to me! A class action suit definitely should have been brought on Chrysler-wonder if you still can now that FIAT owns them... -
window fell in and the motor is not working, called dealer after I got a letter about a 7 year warrenty they said I would need to bring it in and it may be covered or it may not depends on what is wrong so I may need to pay!! so sorry I got this liberty its been nothing but a hassel since I bought it!!! JEEP and Chystler suck!!! -
back window locked and back rear left door want open and window will not go up -
I have had my Jeep for 2 years & have now had to replace all 4 window regulators! I wish Jeep would issue a recall as this seems to be a major problem. The last 2 regulators stopped working last week & I will have spent over $1,000 replacing them since I've had this car. -
I bought my 2003 Liberty Sport in 2006 and have had the back, passenger side window regulator assembly replaced 4 times now!!!! I cannot believe Chrysler won't do anything to fix this problem or make it right. Why keep making this piece that breaks every single time out of PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! The last time I had this repaired, my mechanic ordered an aftermarket part made of metal so hopefully that window is good to go ! The first time I had this problem fixed, it was about $200 and it goes up a little each time I have it fixed. This last time it was replaced, it was almost $300. Guess I just sit and wait for the others to go bad. At least I've learned to keep duct tape in my car so I have a way of rolling them up after they fall. -
Heard a snap on the way home one day. Window immedietly stopped working. Very disapointed with jeep. -
First the passenger rear window, now the driver door. -
Had to replace rear regulator ass. -
This is the second time mine has failed. I am getting upset with owning a jeep. I just might turn mine in for something else. I am not happy at all for this to happen twice with my jeep. I think I got a lemon. -
My 2006 jeep liberty drivers side window will roll down but wont roll up -
Had two windows fail in span of 2000 miles. Replaced regulator assembly. -
Recall fixed my 2 back window free of charge because they didn't work anymore. Now the front passenger window doesn't work. This seams to be a real problem with 2007 Jeep Liberty's. Will call them again. -
drivers side rear regulator needs replaced AGAIN!!!!!!!! Im really disgusted because of course this is not reasonably priced! -
All windows fail to work. No noise, just DEAD -
window regulators have broken 3 times -
Rear window stop and made a loud pop like a spring broke on the left rear window. Took to dealer who said the window regulator had failed. They replaced it and tried the new one 4 times before it broke also while still in the shop. Replaced it again and tried the window more. So far the latest one is still working but then we just picked it up. -
Driver's window will not go up and the rest of the windows won't roll down with the main switch or individual switches. -
the fourth time im taking my jeep liberty in for same problem the window fell in door while we were driving chyrsler needs to recall this problem of, not charge customer for there defective part, how fair is that! my question would be do they take care of this problem! if they do not then we will never buy there product again. They know about this problem!!! what are they doing for jeep liberty owners!!! -
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