Power Door Lock May Stop Working on Dodge Nitro

One or more of the power door locks may become inoperative. Our technicians tell us that modifications to the door hardware and door panel may be necessary to correct this issue.

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Average mileage: 89,424 (17,200–200,000)
5 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011
78 people reported this problem
52 people shared problem details
Hey people call this number 888-327-4236 tell them your problem. I did cause I think it should be a recall. I'm having the same issue.. It's a integrated control module for door locks... This part is on a national back order. So that means there's a hell of a lot of people with this problem... It's a big safety issue if you really think about it...
2007 Dodge Nitro196,775
Doors will not open automatically with key. Have to put key in lock to unlock door, key will only unlock the drive side. Other doors do not have a lock on doors can not get into trunk no lock.
My doors won't unlock with my key fob or with the door switch
2008 Dodge Nitro150,000
Same thing with my Nitro power unlock only works on the drivers side "most" of the time and the rear wont open which DOES not help as it is hockey season so my son has practice/games 3-4 times a week and his huge bag is back there. Anyone know where I would go to get this fixed?
2007 Dodge Nitro96,536
just today 06/07/2015 my fob or the door lock switch wont lock/ unlock doors the horn will beep when i hit the lock button on the fob but u cant hear the actuators working at all this is intermittent the bad part when unlocked i cant lock the rear hatch manually!!!
2008 Dodge Nitro81,000
Door lock and unlock inoperate from remote as well as console door panel. Cannot unlocat passenger doors or rear tail gate lid with either the key fob or the console open/close switch
same problem with my driver side lock. I have to lock it manually.
2007 Dodge Nitro150,000
Power locks won't unlock. I have no problems locking but when I want to unlock only drivers door works and sometimes not even that will work
2010 Dodge Nitro52,000
Doors will not open automatically with key. Have to put key in lock to unlock door, key will only unlock the drive side. Other doors do not have a lock on doors can not get into trunk no lock.
2007 Dodge Nitro64,000
Stupid freaking DODGE Nitro only has like 65000 miles on it and dam thing is starting to fall apart.. My wife takes really great care of her vehicle and everything still looks like new, except it seems like every time we turn around something else is going bad and I am finding that there are a ton of others that have the same problems... Basically the door locks all stopped unlocking except the driver door, the only way to unlock them is to do it manually.. At least the driver door will lock and unlock with the remote.. When you click Unlock on remote or even on the switched on the door panel in the vehicle only driver door unlocks the rest of the locks don't respond.. .. However When you click to lock both on the remote or on the door switches the doors will lock!!! Now this darn 2007 dodge nitro thinks a door is open all the time so the dome lights wont shut off - the sensors in one of the doors went bad, the only thing is the dash screen doesn't say what door is (open) so I don't know what sensor to replace.. From what I can tell with the door locks problem I am finding that there is a set of relays under the fuse box under the hood and the only way to replace the bad relay is to replace the entire relay panel under the fuse box..Well everyone that owns a dodge nitro that has this problem.. I feel for you because I cant afford to pay to fix it so we have to live with the problem.. I just wish I could get this fixed so I don't have to hear my wife say how much she loves her nitro but hates all the problems it's having.... Also the AC pretty much stopped working last year too and the Tire Pressure sensors pretty much rotted out and they were like 100 each to replace so there is another light on the dash that has to stay on all the time... This really sucks... The list is quite long for a vehicle with only 65,000 miles that's all I'M saying
2011 Dodge Nitro49,000
The rear hatch will not lock, taking it into the dealer tomorrow morning
2007 Dodge Nitro67,000
Experienced the issue with both windows and door locks.
2011 Dodge Nitro80,000
Door lock on passenger front side quit working.What the hell is going on.Plus the AC/Heat went out.That cost me $1,600 to fix.Went to Dodge dealer.Bad idea
doorlocks wont unlock with key or lock have to lock it manually and powerlock door fuse keeps blowing out as soon as i change it this should be a recall becuase it may cause other electrical issues and cause an extream accident
The unlock on the key fob or the auto locks on the door handles doesn't work. The auto lock when the car reaches 15 miles a hour only works when it wants to. It has been like this since a few years after I bought the vehicle. I wish there was a recall to fix that problem.
Doors won't lock or unlock.
2011 Dodge Nitro29,300
Passenger door lock rattles when trying to use power lock and the power lock control on the passenger door does not work.
Not fixed, power windows, then power door locks stopped working. Any fix ideas?
2010 Dodge Nitro27,000
The driver's side door lock only locks intermittently when using the automatic key fob. It usually takes 2-3 attempts of locking the door before it will actually lock. At this time no effort has been made to fix this problem except looking it up online, since I've only had the vehicle about two weeks and the problem was only just noticed by my son about four days ago.
2008 Dodge Nitro110,000
My power door lock are not working at all
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