Dodge Nitro Problem Report

Dodge Nitro Power Door Lock May Stop Working

(49 reports)

One or more of the power door locks may become inoperative. Our technicians tell us that modifications to the door hardware and door panel may be necessary to correct this issue.

Doors will not open automatically with key. Have to put key in lock to unlock door, key will only unlock the drive side. Other doors do not have a lock on doors can not get into trunk no lock. -
Hey people call this number 888-327-4236 tell them your problem. I did cause I think it should be a recall. I'm having the same issue.. It's a integrated control module for door locks... This part is on a national back order. So that means there's a hell of a lot of people with this problem... It's a big safety issue if you really think about it... -
Power locks won't unlock. I have no problems locking but when I want to unlock only drivers door works and sometimes not even that will work -
Same thing with my Nitro power unlock only works on the drivers side "most" of the time and the rear wont open which DOES not help as it is hockey season so my son has practice/games 3-4 times a week and his huge bag is back there. Anyone know where I would go to get this fixed? -
same problem with my driver side lock. I have to lock it manually. -
doorlocks wont unlock with key or lock have to lock it manually and powerlock door fuse keeps blowing out as soon as i change it this should be a recall becuase it may cause other electrical issues and cause an extream accident -
Experienced the issue with both windows and door locks. -
The unlock on the key fob or the auto locks on the door handles doesn't work. The auto lock when the car reaches 15 miles a hour only works when it wants to. It has been like this since a few years after I bought the vehicle. I wish there was a recall to fix that problem. -
My car is in the shop right now. The power locks do not work and I cannot get into the back hatch. The only way into the vehicle is through the drivers door. -
left rear power door lock inoperative, all others seem ok. -
My key fob will not unlock the car, my wife's too. Now after trying to reprogram, the car won't start. -
Replaced the driver side door switches -
Back doors wont lock or unlock by button must be done by hand and driver side rear door will not roll up or down -
Both rear doors will not lock or unlock. Have to manually lock both door. -
lr door lock not working, have to manually unlock door -
My doors won't unlock with my key fob or with the door switch -
Door lock and unlock inoperate from remote as well as console door panel. Cannot unlocat passenger doors or rear tail gate lid with either the key fob or the console open/close switch -
Door locks work when they feel like! -
Door locks not opening with driver side door operation and rear hatch not operational at all. -
same non function of door looks with key fob or inside switch... have had many other issues since new and none ever fixed under warranty has been worst dodge ive ever owned. and even filed lemon law with no stopped working...engine would accelerate on its own...tpms stopped reading tire pressure after 1 year..occasional stalling while driving for no reason...quirky electrical issues with dash lights and now door lock issue. talked with dodge to try to fix has been in shop while under warranty 13 times and problems never fixed cause they didn't know why or didn't want to spend dealership labor unless was assured they d be reimbursed for warranty work!!!! pitiful relations on junk they sold and they know it and don't care.. I don't think any of this or complaining will ever sway them to do the right thing until some dies and they get sued .. even then its usually just to hush the incident and keep from a real recall as it should have been... -
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