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when it shifts to second gear nothing is there its like it goes back to neutral, but it goes backwards fine , what can the problem be?
wait 20 minutes and car will start and run fine for awhile
What happens is there is a thrush washer leak? will it ruin the car motor if continue to drive with the leak?
car shut off while drivinnd turns over but will not start
Both CV joints are going out on my car. I want to know what it would cost to have them replaced.
can I pull the transmission on this car without dropping the subframe out?
door chines gos off when turns right or left also just goihg down the roard
This is an intermittent problem therefore mechanic can't locate problem. Battery & starter are new, fuel pump/filter new. Periodically after I have shut car off and go to restart later it won't start - no crank no no...
my car was running in the street then it shut its off on its own then i have to put it in park then start up again then the second time it did it again what the problem?
I have just replaced the transmission but this transmission doesn't change gears when moving. However, when the car is not moving I can manually place the transmission in each gear level: 1st; 2nd; 3rd and reverse and...