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starts and runs great till shortly after it reaches normal running temp then it shuts down, open hood n let it cool, starts right up n then we repeat this process...put a new coil pack in it n still does this.
This van has so many electrical problems .i looked at the fuse panel and the circuit board is coming having problems finding one.
Bought a coil pack not the problem. Then got a timing chain belt.but not sure if that's the problem.
it is a 95 neon but the camshaft position sensor is of a 96 neon. it usually turns off when it's hot. right after I replaced it, it wouldn't start. it took a lot of tries to finally get it to start.
makes a loud scrubbing noise when left turns and it makes a clicking noise sometimes too and also when driving on the express way it vibrates and now i have to push on the gas hard to make it move forward. Its kinda ...
Once ever two weeks didn't start twice in a row in rain
It is completely off of all three tracks and is sitting on the floor of the back seat.
Changed the cam and cranking sensors. New coil pack. And nothings wrong with the timing chain . What else could it be. Everything else works
Just changed TCM and now codes show shift selonoid defective.
oil is leaking out the timing cover seal (crank seal). i know some of those balancers are pressed on, is this one of those? anything else i should know about changing the seal before i get started? i was a mechanic ...
turn ignition, no clicks, nothing at all. replaced battery and cables. still nothing. lights and interior and dash lights come on, fully charged battery. Just happened suddenly, drove and started fine day before, in m...
I put the key in the ignition and , nothing, then i put the battery charger on for 1 minute, like i have a dead battery, and again i put the key in and it starts up like nothing was wrong in the first place, this is a...
Not driven much. It basically just sits in the garage. We've had to jump it before a few times to give it some run time but it's always run great. Drivers side window motor just went out. 14,000 miles only HELP!!! Thi...
Changed oil pressure switch and light and sound keeps coming on
No fire to coil No fire out of coil
When makes turns and hard stop also having hard time shifting gear, and sometime skip gear when stalls and stay lock on that gear until you pull over to the side or park it and cut off the engine. Then start the car b...
spark plugs are white and I pulled fuel line from fuel rail once and it was full of air.