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starts and runs great till shortly after it reaches normal running temp then it shuts down, open hood n let it cool, starts right up n then we repeat this process...put a new coil pack in it n still does this.
Bought a coil pack not the problem. Then got a timing chain belt.but not sure if that's the problem.
makes a loud scrubbing noise when left turns and it makes a clicking noise sometimes too and also when driving on the express way it vibrates and now i have to push on the gas hard to make it move forward. Its kinda ...
spark plugs are white and I pulled fuel line from fuel rail once and it was full of air.
Hiw to install a brake line properly?and where/how do i fix rear sriver side .
Just the left side of the car is leaking brake fluid.
I've changed the spark plugs twice, the coil and plugs while I changed the fuel filter my car got worse . So please help.
My 99 plymouth breeze break lights aren't working. Its not the fuses. All three lights just quit.
i was told it was due to a serpintine belt issue but i need to identify which belt it is.
Hello, here is my list of symptoms that I suspect can be caused by a faulty PCM but I'm no expert. It all started when the battery light came on. After going to AdvancedAutoParts to check it out, the diagnostic was a...
Location of the EGR valve
Brake lights and turn signals work but the tail lights do not. Anyone know what would cause that?
My car didn't pass inspection. It shows a P0455 code: Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (gross leak) P0140: O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 2). The O2 Sensor Circuit was recently...