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sometimes the van wont start..then u wait a few miutes or open and close the door before it starts again..would like to know if can disengage alarm all together
not getting any heat blowing cold air
no rear tail, stop, or turn signals lights.
It doesnt do as bad when I'm stoped
my traction light keeps coming on and for some reason my brake lights are not working for some reason no and also my cruise control is working neither now
you can start it go to point A and turn it off and come back and get in and go to start and it will not start and you can use starting fluid and get to start sometimes...
I just drove the van the day before yesterday started up fine and ran fine no indication of anything wrong. Had a snow storm and temperature drop go to start it today and the dash board flickers for a second everythin...
The dash board flickers than lights up an everything powers up but all I hear is a "stishhhhhhh" sound when trying to start it and won't start!!!