My heat gauge shot up all at once and the engine hot light came on and my van shut down and wouldn't start. It never smoke and wasn't too hot. When I did get it started it would only drive in first gear. The mechanic is telling me I need my fans replaced but don't know why it would only drive in low gear. He is telling me its going to cost over $500 just for the fans. Could that be why it shot up so fast and why it would only drive in low gear and is that price for fans reasonable?

If you can. Which number or letter would give you that information.

sometimes the van wont start..then u wait a few miutes or open and close the door before it starts again..would like to know if can disengage alarm all together

not getting any heat blowing cold air

no rear tail, stop, or turn signals lights.

It doesnt do as bad when I'm stoped

my traction light keeps coming on and for some reason my brake lights are not working for some reason no and also my cruise control is working neither now