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if i shut it off put in gear works for a block or so then slips again slips in every gear like its in n
What relays I need there is no diagram nothing The ELC, F/PMP, DAP ACSRY Relays are what i need
doesnt give a code. Does it more often now then it did last week. Dont want to drive it.
I've been told by GM dealer I need a new one @ $1100.
This does not happen every time but seemingly it happens randomly and definitkey after sitting all night
I was changing battery clamps someone forgot how they went hooked them up wrong now everything is hooked up right but it wont start.
The key would not turn in the switch due to the tumbler cover being loose. I put a new switch in the car, proceeded to program the switch but the light never goes out. The car starts and runs without any problems. Thi...
When I go to start my car for the first time of the day it runs louder. But later on in the day it is not as loud. My mom has been on my case about it being loud and I have never been told there is anything majorly wr...
replaced ignition module car started ran for a day and died no fire replaced ignition module and all 3 coils still no fire
car was sitting for about a month, so of course in the cold the battery died. We charged the battery up and the car would turn over and run for about 2 secs and then dies it keeps doing this it also is pulsing all the...
My car is totaled but the engine runs great still. So I want to take the engine out and put in another car, but I need to know what body style would fit my engine.
When I get it started and run it for a hour or so. Then when I go to start it again but it only fires and will not start.
Engine has a really rough idle.I've already replaced the fuel pressure regulator, cleaned the throttle body, and replaced plugs and wires.
I own a 1996 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. I push the brake and the only one working is the top one not the 2 back ones. I checked the fuse panel in the jocky box. I checked under the hood and 2 fuses are lose is that the...
Leaks trans fluid to the tune of a full bottle every other day or it won't go into gear. Sometimes it slips out of gear when you stop and take off, as when taking off from a signal
I have two checks engine fans
i ran out of gas in my 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue put plenty of gas in it now it won't start... It turns over and sounds LIKE it wants to start but doesn't what could this be????
I ran out of gas put plenty of gas in it but now it won't start why?
My repair manual does not show the type of oil pan for my vehicle,it is flat and no sump on it. It appears if I remove the starter and front motor mount I can access all the pan bolts.