Van shut off. Going 55 mph and wouldn't turn over i think it is the fuel pump or fuel fiter

The pully for releasing the seat from it's posts is stuck and won't release the seat from it's station, How do I get this to release? Body shops won't mess with it, they are afraid of permanently breaking it and being held responsible to buy me a new chair if they broke it worse...

Mostly on short runs. Also it starts running fine but when I hit 45 mph it starts pulling, what can it be ?

Good battery, alternator, and starter. Just shut off and won't start again. Still have lights, radio. Etc...what else could cause this?

leaking anti freeze behind block down exhaust pipe

sagging drivers door

The message center light came on yesterday. I read about it and did not use heater or radio today. However, tonight the gas gauge kept moving to Empty (just filled up) and car wants to die.

tried jumping the battery,still nothing..was running fine,now this.help

Battery new, alternator tested good. Tried jump start but seems like it won't take acharge. Was told to check relays. Need to know where they are located and how I can test them.

I lost all warm air, then noticed the light blinking HEAT/COOLANT, I was losing power while driving and the thermostat went to High. Nothing seems to be leaking and there is still fluid in my tank. I need a diagnosis so I can fix.