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sagging drivers door
The message center light came on yesterday. I read about it and did not use heater or radio today. However, tonight the gas gauge kept moving to Empty (just filled up) and car wants to die.
tried jumping the battery,still nothing..was running fine,now this.help
Battery new, alternator tested good. Tried jump start but seems like it won't take acharge. Was told to check relays. Need to know where they are located and how I can test them.
I lost all warm air, then noticed the light blinking HEAT/COOLANT, I was losing power while driving and the thermostat went to High. Nothing seems to be leaking and there is still fluid in my tank. I need a diagnosis ...
Transmission only has forward gears in all settings (PRND321). 23k old rebuild by a ATEC transmission in Elma ($1700). Passed a car one day and van revved up slammed back into gear and since will not go into anything ...
I have a 2001oldsmobile silhouette and it started and ran fine the day before and I went to start it this morning and it started hard idled for just a second and then stopped running now all it will do is just crank o...
I would like to repair my thermostat myself, but I would like to know where is it located, and is it a difficult job to complete?
i have checked the fuel lines , relay switch. only way it will start is if you open the breather and spray carb and choke cleaner in it. when you turn the key on it takes 30-45 sec for pump to turn on
I have put a new the ignition in and I use the newer key but it cranks sometime and steal some time it won't
you cannot hear any vibration from the front when you open the hood
When i go over bumps or turn around corners i hearn clunking