2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette Questions

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The temperature gauge goes up chugs when it shifts hard usually when run after a little while shut it off turn it back on a few minutes later and it's fine for a little while again

Rpm mph dials not working

Recently my van was overheating it was replaced with new hose and clamp. Still overheated took thermostat out. Was told to Put head gasket fix in. Still overheated. Now water pouring out from underneath van.

I was driving today got the van up to 30 mph then it started to act like it wasnt getting gas. I had the pedal floored.

Replaced oxygen sensors. New plug wires. New tires. Not getting a check engine light. Was told that it could be the coil pack breaking down,

Window won't go down with clip on plug broke

no power at all

The van drives fine for about 2-3 miles then acts like it is in neutral I then stop and turn it off start it back up and go again for another 2-3 miles before it does it again sometimes it happens in less than a mile sometimes more is the tranny toast

I then stop shut the van off , start it back up and drive for another 2 miles or so before it does it again .

Not to long ago the hose for the coolant collapsed and came undone and all my antifreeze and stuff went everywhere. We fixed that but ever since then, the gage indicates that the car is overheating but it isn't overheating. Then a new problem acured with that, it would start to shake and lose all power and she would be stuck in gear when the gage indicated she was hot.

I tried the 2 and 3 combination with the ignition on and it will not give me any codes. just frozen on LOCKED. my van has the controls in the rear also if that may make a difference not sure.